User verification Plugin aims to verify user’s documents. Personal documents are needed before shipping and user need to send these data for verification before proceeding with documents. Use is verified once his documents are approved.


Easy and Automated way to ask users for verification documents so it can be managed easily by user.


Developing the listed basic features through WordPress plugin that works with woocommerce.

Plugin consists of: Backend to manage Documents, settings and front end to upload document.

Backend – Manage Documents


  • All Documents



  • Edit Documents (Approve, Disapprove)


admin can approve documents and reject.

Backend – Settings:


  • Manage Rejection Reasons:


You can manage Rejection Reasons and save many reason to assign rejected documentation.

  • admin can change each attention message  given below
  • admin can change the order status when user documentation is approved
  • admin can change the order status when user documentation rejected


  • Before upload documentation:


User check out his order the he is redirect to order page with section to upload his document

2. After submitting User Verification Files

After submitted the user document this message will shown.

User Attention message:

After Uploading the documentation the user see attention message to waiting to admin approval.

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