Addon purpose

Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete is a WordPress addon that allow customers to enable google places address autocomplete on two text fields types (Address or Single Line Text) by using its name.
This addon will help you to create your form and add your autocomplete fields, then Google places api will fetch the places.

Addon Features

Using addon you will have an option to use two fields in your form for autocomplete (Address – Single Line Text)
Using address field autocomplete will autofill all other address fields (Zip code, city, country etc…) automatically.
Adding Google API key recommended to allow sending many requests to Google.


Gravity Forms Plugin.

Add Google API key settings:

Select Forms then GF Autocomplete settings, recommended to add this settings if their will be many API requests.

Add Gravity Form Single Line Text field:

      • Add Single Line Text.
      • Select checkbox “Enable Autocomplete Suggest with Google Places API”.

Add Gravity Form Address Text field.


      • Add Address text field
      • Select checkbox “Enable Autocomplete Suggest with Google Places API”.

  • Select a specific country to restrict a search

Support for country restriction in a single line text

Add custom CSS class [gfac_autocomplete_country_us] insert your country code like we use (us) for United States.

support for country restriction

      • Write in the address field will autocomplete address.
      • If address selected will autofill city, state, zip code.

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