1. Type in the name \”WooCommerce Product Disclaimer\” in Search Plugins box
  2. Find the \”WooCommerce Product Disclaimer\” Plugin you wish to install.
  3. Click Install Now to install the WordPress Plugin.
  4. The resulting installation screen will list the installation as successful or note any problems during the install.
  5. If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it, or Return to Plugin Installer for further actions.

General Disclaimer Settings

For general settings of WooCommerce disclaimer Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Disclaimer

Activate General Disclaimer

In order to enable disclaimer for products on add to cart at frontend, this option must be checked. Product Disclaimer functionality will not work until this option is checked; or you can disable by unchecking this option.

Cookie Activation

Once a cookie is activated on product disclaimer. Then disclaimer on the product add to cart will appear once only until the cookie expires for the next time.

Cookie Duration

Using this option, you can set an expiration time period for cookies. There are five options to select from to set cookie duration.

  • 1 Day
  • 1 Week
  • 1 Month
  • Forever

Product Disclaimer will be shown on add to cart after this cookie duration expires.

General Disclaimer Message

Here we set actual disclaimer content that will be shown on a disclaimer when user clicks on add to cart. you can type plain text or HTML content here.

General Reject URL

On rejection at product disclaimer, user will be redirected to this URL

Log Disclaimer Activity

Enabling this option will store disclaimer log to the database.

Product Categories settings for disclaimer

You can set a unique disclaimer for all products of the specific Product category. Product Disclaimer options for adding new category term are shown below.

Disclaimer option

There are two options, choose any one of them:

  • Disable product disclaimer for this category: Selecting this option will disable disclaimer from all products related to this term.
  • Add a unique for this category: Selecting this option will add a disclaimer for all products related to this term. The disclaimer will be added from current option.

Display one time Only

This option will enable cookie duration for a disclaimer on add to cart. Disclaimer will not be shown again on add to cart for a product until cookie duration is expired for the related product.

Disclaimer message

Here you can add content of disclaimer message.

Reject URL

User will land on this URL once click on reject button of Product disclaimer.

Same options are also available on Product category term’s edit screen.

Adding a unique disclaimer for product

Product disclaimer options are also available in the product edit screen. Likewise, you add a disclaimer for product category terms collectively. You can also either set a unique disclaimer for a product from product edit screen or disable product disclaimer for this product.

Disable Product Disclaimer

Selecting this option will disable product disable for this product.

Add a unique disclaimer

Selecting this option will enable a unique disclaimer for this product.

Display One Time

This option will enable cookies and will not display disclaimer again until cookies expire.

Reject URL

User will land on this URL once click on reject button of Product disclaimer.

Disclaimer message

You can add disclaimer message in simple plain text or HTML content. WordPress’ default editor is used here to customize the message. Images can also be added in disclaimer message.

Disclaimer For Variable Products

Likewise, product disclaimer options are available for all type of products variable product variations contain disclaimer options under each variations settings.

Disclaimer Log

If disclaimer log is enabled from global settings of Product Disclaimer. Log will be generated at each time disclaimer accept or reject button clicks.

Disclaimer log will save following fields in the database

  • user_id for logged in users,
  • Product_id for which disclaimer is accepted or rejected.
  • Status of disclaimer accepted or rejected.
  • IP address of the user.
  • City & Country name of the user from where the disclaimer is accepted or rejected.
  • Continent name of user from where the disclaimer is accepted or rejected.
  • Date on which disclaimer is accepted or rejected.
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