Automatic installation

  • Download from codecanyon the latest Wp Multi Store Locator version.
  • Extract the zip archive.
  • Use your favorite FTP application to move the “wp-multi-store-locator-pro” folder to the wp-content/plugins folder on your server.
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  • Visit Store Locator > Settings to configure the plugin.

Google Maps API.


API key A server key allows you to monitor the usage of the Google Maps Geocoding API.

As of June 22, 2016, Google Maps no longer allows requests for new projects that don’t include an API key.

Search in google

Map Setting.


Show map on the frontend ?


Enable the display of the map on the frontend and show the map submitted shortcode page.


Wp Multi Store Locator width and height


Set the width and height of the wp multi-store locator to show on frontend.


Wp Multi Store Locator Map type for the google map location preview


chose one option from the four options.

1- Roadmap – display the default road map view.

2- satellite – display satellite images.

3- Hybrid – displays a combination of normal and satellite views.

4- Terrain – displays a normal street map based on terrain information.


Search unit?


Set the search unit for measure the distance in kilometer or miles.


Search radius options?


Choose search options here. the default one will be between square brackets.


Enable Search with categories?


Enable search by category in the frontend.


Enable Search with Tags?


Enable search by tag in the frontend.


Show street view control?


Show street control on the map in the frontend.


Show map type control?


Enable the user to change the map type from the frontend.


Zoom by the scroll on the map?


Enable/Disable zoom by the scroll on the map.


Marker Cluster?


The number on a cluster indicates how many markers it contains.


Cluster Size?


Cluster Grid size.


User marker?


This marker is a point as per user search on the map.


Store Marker?


The map uses markers to point out the stores on the map.


info window content?


You can customize the content of the info window here by adding HTML if you need. Also, you can use the below variables in the content.


<div><div>{image}</div><h3>{name}</h3><p>{address} {city}, {state} {country} {zipcode}</p><span>{phone}</span><span>{website}</span></div>



Customized Map Style?


You can customize the look of the map by adding styles here. You can get some styles from Snazzy Maps.


Grid Settings.


Show grid on the frontend ?


Show the results in the grid in the frontend.


A number of stores/page?


A Select number of stores to be displayed per page.


Autoload results on the scroll?


Enable/Disable autoload results when scrolling down.


Displayed Columns?


Select the displayed column in the grid in the frontend by order.


Grid Type?


Grid type view!


Single Page Settings.


Link store to a single page?


Enable/Disable when clicking on store go to a single page for more details.


Show feature image of the store??


Enable/Disable the display of feature image of the store in the inner page.


Show map on page??


Enable/Disable showing a map in the inner page of the store.


Displayed Columns?


Select the displayed column in the page in the frontend by order.

When a server request to the Google Maps Geocoding API to convert an address into a set of Latitude, longitude. This appears when a different location is made in the admin area, or when a CSV file is imported and the Latitude, longitude are not included in the CSV file data.

Click here to Create Server Key.

On the first page, select the project and click ‘Continue’.


On the screen, set the referrer to the IP deliver of your server to limit the use of the key.


Click on the ‘Create’ button, copy the shown API key, and set it in the ‘Server key’ field on the settings page in the ‘Google Maps API’ section of your wp multi-store locator.

Use an Existing Project In The Google API Console

If you have already created a project for your website in the Google API Console, make sure to enable the following Google Maps APIs on the Library > Google Maps APIs page.

  • Google Maps JavaScript API
  • Google Maps Geocoding API
  • Google Maps Directions API
  • Google Maps Distance Matrix API
  • Google Maps Elevation API
  • Google Places API Web Service

2,500 free requests per day. If you need more, then you need to enable billing.


If after setting the Server key you get a gray map on the front-end or a gray input field for the start location on the settings page, then there is a problem with the used API key. The only way to find out the exact problem is by checking the console output in your browser.



You can access the console in Firefox with ctrl+shift+k, or ctrl+shift+j in Chrome.

When you have opened the console, reload the page and check for any errors that are identified with Google Maps. The error itself, for the most part, incorporates a connection clarifying the explanation behind the error and how to settle it.


  • Can manage Stores.
  • Can manage Sale managers of their added Stores.
  • Can manage Store Categories.
  • Can manage Store Tags.
  • Can add shortcode [store_locator_show] to show Store Locator.
  • Measure the distances in either km or miles.
  • user can manage Map Settings like Show map on frontend,Map Width,Map Height,Map Type,Search Unit,Search radius options,Enable Search
    with categories,Enable Search with Tags,Show street view control,Show map type control,Zoom by scroll on map,Marker Clusterer,Cluster Size,User Marker, and more…..
  • User can search Store from their current location (SSL must be active ) and with desired location.
  • User can search Stores by selected units(km/miles).
  • User can search by Selected Store Categories.
  • User can use shortcode to display search map anywhere in page or post.
  • You can easily chagnge your Listing Positions Left or Right
  • Edit support for Google Custom Map style

Shortcodes to display store locator as you like.

  • To show Store Locator search area.
  • To show specific location stores so use shortcode like inside any page.
    [store_locator_show Location=”Madison, AL, USA” radius=”25”]
  • To show stores with city wise use that shortcode like inside any page.
    [store_locator_show city=”Madison” radius=”50”]
  • For specific State so use like inside any page.
    [store_locator_show state=”Alabama” radius=”50”]
  • To show stores with specific state with specific city wise inside any page.
    [store_locator_show city=”Madison” state=”Alabama” radius=”25”]

Custom Map styling Video

Tracker’s import and export features can help you save time with a range of activities. For example, you can move stores, sales manager’s from a third-party tool or archive stories and epics from a project.

Click here to get WP Store Locator Stores CSV sample file

Sample Download

Import and Exporting Store

Stores, Sales Manager data can be imported and exported to a comma-separated value (CSV) file. The imported and exported CSV file contains column headers as the first row of the CSV file that corresponds to Tracker field names.

import/export Stores, Sales manager.


How to Import / Export Stores Categories.

WP Multi Store Locator supports import/export store addresses with categories in any hierarchical order. The pattern followed by WP multi store locator for categories is described below.



  • For a Single Category for store address just add category name in category column.
  • For multiple categories add category names separated by | (vertical bar) in category column like


  • For adding child category to any level is just to simply add all category level names separated by “,” (comma). First name will be last child.



Artempo is parent category of Adanye is parent category of Izmir and only Izmir category is assigned to store with same hierarchy


                  All category names are checked before if these exist just used otherwise are added with hierarchy

Statistics gives commercial enterprise proprietors valuable insight into store recognition, new store demand, and product performance.

With this enterprise method device you can:

preserve music of which shops get hold of the maximum search traffic and modify keep inventory to suit call for.
Make knowledgeable decisions approximately where to expand based totally on seek analytics that display the top searched places in which you do now not presently have a shop.
See which product classes perform first-rate and align your commercial enterprise approach to match the call for.
whether you need to preserve tabs on which present store places are the maximum looked for, or plan for business enlargement, intelligence from the facts upload-on can substantially benefit business approach.


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