Admin Bar User Switching

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Admin Bar User Switching


An admin bar “Switch to User” option is given to the user who moves a search box where you can intimate a user to switch to them. The results are then linked to a switch for the specific user. This plugin is very beneficial for seeing the site as your logged-in client might see it.

Also, there is an optional mode in which you can easily use a customized keyword combination. The user says ‘su’, and it automatically activates the form where you can easily search for users, and then you can use the arrows on the keyboard to hover over the list of results. The return key is switched to the selected user. A similar combination can be easily used to focus on the ‘Switch Off’ link, that follows a return to simulate an option.

If the user wants to activate this feature, then the user must set the customized keyword combination, such as “magic word.” You’ll need to use the abus_ajax_args code and integrate a ‘magicWord’ variable.

Remember – Keyword Navigation is not dependent on the customized keyword combination and can be easily used out-of-the-box.


    The plugin supports the following that the developers can use to perform certain actions:
  • abus_switch_to_text – enables developers to change the text that is displayed in the admin menu which is when hovers display the search box.
  • abus_form_output – this filter can be easily used to change the markup of the form which is used in the plugin for searching users.
  • abus_switch_back_text – this filter can be used to change the text displayed to move back to the original logged-in user.
  • abus_switch_to_url – this filter can be easily used to trigger the redirect URL for multiple users as the filter is forwarded to move to the user’s object.
  • abus_ajax_args – this filter is used to activate the magic word combination as highlighted in the description of the plugin, ‘magicWord’ variable can be easily added to the array for the activation of this feature.

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