Payeezy with Gravity Forms

Payeezy with Gravity Forms

Payeezy with Gravity Forms allows you to accept a wide range of payments (Simple & subscription) on your forms. You are also provided with some incredible benefits that include secure transactions, fraud prevention,  processing across borders, and currency conversion.

Payeezy supports merchants from 50+ countries, controls pricing dynamically, and accepts payments in 140+ currencies.

Note: This plugin does not store the customer’s credit card numbers or sensitive information on your website.

Payeezy with Gravity Forms Features:

EASY INSTALLATION: You can install this plugin with one click. After installing, you will have only a few fields to fill out before you are ready to accept credit cards in your store.

TRANSACTION TYPE: You can select two different transaction types: Product and service or Subscriptions.

SANDBOX FACILITY:  You can utilize the Sandbox facility to test transactions working before going live for payments.

SECURE PAYMENT PROCESSING: Securely process credit cards without redirecting your customers to the gateway website.

FORM ENTRIES: Form entries contain transaction notes with respective details as ID, payment, and subscription details for transactions and subscriptions.

Payeezy with Gravity Forms Utilities:

  • Payeezy with Gravity Forms plugin is perfect for online business merchants.
  • Use Payeezy with Gravity Forms for accepting payments from other countries.
  • Payeezy with Gravity Forms enables you to accept payments in different currencies.
  • Payeezy with Gravity Forms plugin works flawlessly for small-scale business owners.
  • Use Payeezy with Gravity Forms for online stores accepting one-time credit card payments.
  • Use Payeezy with Gravity Forms for online stores accepting subscription payments.

Setting Up Payeezy (First Data) Account:

Creating a Payeezy account is quite easy. If you don’t have an account already, go to create it. Once you have created the account and signed-in to Payeezy, then you have to create an App to fetch the Payeezay API. Click on the APIs page and then click on + ADD NEW API button.


Enter a name for your application, select Sandbox for ‘Test’ transactions and Subscriptions, or select Live for accepting live payments and click on CREATE YOUR APP.

WP sonsume our API

Test Merchant Credentials:

Test Merchant credentials by clicking on Merchant Tab. You will see the Sandbox button, click on it. It will reveal Merchant Name and Token later to be used in Setting the Payeezy gateway settings.

WP payeezy merchants

Payeezy Gravity Forms Settings:

First, install Payeezy Gravity forms add-on to your WordPress powered site. Go into the settings section and put your Payeezy test ID credentials.

WP payeezy setting

Feed Settings:

Go to the Payeezy feed settings where you can set transaction type Products and Services or subscription. Make sure to press the update settings button.

WP payeezy feed setting

Product and Services Feed:

A detailed view of Products and Services feed.

WP payeezy

Subscription Feed Entry:

A detailed view of subscription feed.

WP payeezy

Front View – Simple Product:

Here is a glimpse of the front-end view of the Payeezy Gravity Form with simple product settings.

WP payeezy test product

Front View – Subscription Product:

Here is another glimpse of the front-end view of the Payeezy Gravity Form with subscription product settings.

WP payeezy subscription

$4.92 / month

Billed annually at $59
  • 1 Year Free Updates Included
  • 1 Year Priority Support Included
  • Easy Cancellation And Refund Policy

Version 1.0.3

Last update 07-07-2023

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