WP Multi Store Locator

WP Multi Store Locator

If you are running some online WordPress based site and have multiple stores over there and want some smart search functionality with respect to location and categories or like then WP Store Locator is what you are looking for.
This plugin provides a number of options for admin in backend to manage their stores and sales manager for respective franchise. WP Store Locator have awesome user interface and displays results with google map in front end. Its a complete package with lots of features like search store, nearby you stores functionality and much more..

Features Admin highlights:

  • Can manage Stores.
  • Can manage Sale managers of their added Stores.
  • Can manage Store Categories.
  • Can manage Store Tags.
  • Can add shortcode [store_locator_show] to show Store Locator.
  • Measure the distances in either km or miles.
  • user can manage Map Settings like Show map on frontend,Map Width,Map Height,Map Type,Search Unit,Search radius options,Enable Search
    with categories,Enable Search with Tags,Show street view control,Show map type control,Zoom by scroll on map,Marker Clusterer,Cluster Size,User Marker, and more…..

Features Frontend highlights :

  • User can search Store from their current location (SSL must be active ) and with desired location.
  • User can search Stores by selected units(km/miles).
  • User can search by Selected Store Categories.
  • User can use shortcode to display search map anywhere in page or post.
  • Generate a directory based on the store locations.

Video Demo

  • Searching store help of Wp MultiStore Locator

Premium Features


*CSV Manager – User can see overall Total number of searchs and by with Store name.


*Import/Export – User can import/export Stores,Sales manager.

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  • Fixed backend issues


  • Initial release


RELEASED 02/02/2017


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