Square Payment Gateway For Dokan

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Square Payment Gateway For Dokan


The primary purpose of the WordPress plugin “Square Payment Gateway for Dokan” is to split the payments between the admin and vendor. It is a multi-vendor plugin, and you can integrate this plugin with your WordPress/WooCommerce online store for accepting payments through the well-known Square Payment Gateway.

Moreover, the “Square Payment Gateway for Dokan” provides each other dues separately, and the vendor can connect his/her account with Square just by clicking on the Authorize button.

The WordPress plugin “Dokan” comes under the list of best multi-vendor marketplaces, which has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. The active installations are more than 60,000. Dokan is a bliss for the online buyers, which was invented by weDevs and powered by WooCommerce. It takes less than 30 minutes to build an amazon and eBay like marketplace using Dokan.

To use this plugin, you need few things, which are listed below:

  1. WooCommerce (the big kahuna of online platforms).
  2. Dokan (the top-notch marketplace of WordPress).
  3. Square Account (the secured and easy-to-use payment gateway).

If you do not have any of the things listed above, this plugin will not work for you.

(Note: Ensure that your Square Account is active; if it does not, the integration could fail).

How to Set Up Square Payment Gateway for Dokan?

To set up your Dokan (online marketplace) and attach the Square payment gateway with it, you need to follow the steps:

1. Plugin Settings

First, you need to enable your Sqaureup account by following WooCommerce → Settings → Payments tab → Square Gateway. Also, mention the title and description.

WP square payment option
WP square payment login
WP square payment applications
  • Click on the Production button to enable the options if you want to go live. The fields for application ID and application secret, Access Token, and Location ID will appear on your screen.
  • Now, you can copy the data that appeared.
WP square payment credentials
  • Copy the data and paste it in the fields in the Settings tab, and hit the Save changes button as shown below.
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  • Copy the URL shown in the Redirect URL field and paste it in the same field in the Square account dashboard.

That’s all for plugin settings. Let’s move towards the Square Dashboard settings.

2. Square Dashboard

First, follow the same path WordPress → WooCommerce → Settings → Payments.

  • Enable the sandbox for square if you want to set up a sandbox. Once you click on the checkbox, the Application ID, Application Secret, Access Token, and Location ID will be enabled.
  • Copy the data, paste it in the Settings tab fields, and hit on the Save changes button.
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  • Copy the redirect URL and paste it into the Redirect URL field in your Square Account.

3. Vendor Settings/Authorization

First, you need to login to your Vendor profile from WordPress. Once logged in, go to the settings from your vendor dashboard.

Wp Square payment dashboard setting
  • Click on Authorize to connect to your Square account.

(Note: Vendor’s sandbox test account must be opened if authorizing via sandbox. Also, admin and vendor must have the same currency).

Wp Square payment dashboard setting
WP square payment gateway for Dokan

4. Get Permission from Square

You need to click the Allow button to authorize the permissions. It will allow the plugin to get the data from your connected square account.

WP payment gateway permission

Congrats! You have learned how to set up the “Square Payment Gateway for Dokan.”

  • It allows both admin and vendor to collect the dues separately.
  • Transactions can be made directly through the Square Payment Gateway.
  • Easy to configure, and connections are secured.
  • It allows vendors to get the location via Square account authorization.
  • It allows the admin to fetch the data from the Square Pay

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