WordPress PDF Generator Plugin

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WordPress PDF Generator Plugin

WordPress PDF Generator Plugin


This plugin “WordPress PDF Generator” helps you out in converting HTML to pdf format. If you wish to save your website in pdf format, it enables you to do so. 

Moreover, you can use PHP shortcode to embed a button in your website through which anyone can save your website in a pdf format just by clicking on that button.

Button customization from the backend is also possible, and you can add different icons or text on the button to save your website in a pdf format.

For generating a pdf, freehtmltopdf service is being used in this plugin.

  • Hassle-free conversion of your HTML website into PDF format.
  • Add custom icons and text to your button embedded in your website.
  • Easy to use and quick service of freehtmltopdf.
  • PHP shortcode can be added to the backend for placing a pdf button anywhere. 
  • Instant support forum available.

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