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WorldPay With Gravity Forms is a swift and reliable way to accept one-time credit card payments for selling simple products and services, manage refunds, to view gravity forms entry details, and billing information. 


  • This Add-on amalgamates your Gravity Forms with the Worldpay Payment gateway.
  • WorldPay Payment Gateway for Gravity Forms configures your forms to accept simple credit card payment via WorldPay payment gateway. 
  • Easily map your Gravity Form’s fields with the fields in the add-on to collect and process information. 
  • WorldPay Payment Gateway for Gravity Forms allows you to view Gravity form entries and their details.
  • WorldPay Payment Gateway for Gravity Forms allows admin to process refunds. 
  • WorldPay Payment Gateway for Gravity Forms gives you complete information on sales numbers, billing data, and order status. 
  • Upon completion of required form entries from customers, including payment information, Thank you message is sent to customers.

WorldPay Payment Gateway for Gravity Forms Utilities: 

  • For small business owners want to run online stores with a simple payment method.
  • Those who want to make sure payments are cleared before sending parcel or services to customers.
  •  For a business person who faces a lot of order cancellation and has to refund to online customers.  
  • For people who want hassle-free billing information, order status, and to show gratitude to customers. 
  • For those looking for gravity form shortcode option.



Version 1.0
Initial Released

Regular License From: $49.99

Extended License $299

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

  • 1 year updates included
  • 1 year support included
Buy on APIExperts This item is licensed 100% GPL.

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  • VERSION 1.0
  • RELEASED: 10/04/2020
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