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By Editor Staff on October 23, 2017
WP Experts product disclaimer plugin review

We’re living and breathing in the year 2017 and running a small business even in this advanced era is as hard as it was earlier. Owning a physical business is still as important as owning a business online. Yes, truth be told digital marketing and e-commerce development has changed the way businesses work. In fact, it has changed the perspective of the average buyer as well. According to studies conducted in several universities, 40% of the average buyers prefer buying things online over shopping in a physical store. And rightfully so, not only do you save precious time and energy, you get better or similar priced deals. However, there’s still an alarming rate of people that prefer shopping traditionally and that still raises a question.

According to relative surveys, people actually prefer traditional marketing over marketing online because they are ‘scared of getting scammed’. Even though hundreds and thousands of stores online provide customers with money back guarantees and 100% replacement warranties, customers prefer not really facing the trouble. What’s confusing is that most of the times it isn’t even the fault of a business owner or the product being sold, it’s mainly because of the absence of a disclaimer.

The Need Of Online Product Disclaimers

It wasn’t long till several business owners realized that since you’re not physically present to alert the customers shopping online, it’s better to add some sort of disclaimer to the product. There were several types of online disclaimers tested over several different products, pages, services and much more. At the end the most useful out of all according to 72% of the marketers, was the disclaimer popup.

So, What Exactly is a Product Disclaimer Popup?

As the name says it, a product disclaimer popup is a small popup window that appears when an action is triggered. This action can be anything from selecting a product to buy, to removing it from the cart, or anything else.

A business owner has the power to add a product disclaimer popup to any of the actions on the E-Commerce website. As you probably already know, custom coded e-commerce platforms have better options to provide disclaimer popups to customers better than Woo Commerce customers. Woo Commerce customers have a better and easier CMS back-end but fail to find the right disclaimer plugins to assist them with their needs. Worry no more! With the Woo Commerce Product Disclaimer Plugin, all your problems are solved.

Introducing Woo Commerce Product Disclaimer Plugin by WP Experts

The WP Experts are back at it again providing you with a unique new plugin that not solves your problems for a useful product disclaimer plugin but also puts in the basic functions, absolutely free! That’s right the Woo Commerce Product Disclaimer Plugin can easily be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Store absolutely free. Here’s a video on how you can download and install the plugin on to your Woo Commerce store.


As the video indicates, the plugin allows you to easily create a product disclaimer popup on a targeted URL of your own choice. However, the free version of the plugin is relatively limited with its features. Nevertheless, if you need to get a bit more done for your own self, then you definitely need the Woo Commerce Product Disclaimer Plugin Pro.

The Woo Commerce Product Disclaimer Plugin pro is easy to use and very similar to the Free version but comes in with some added features such as:

  • Adding Disclaimers Per Category and Per Product – Think you need to widen the approach of disclaimer popups, the Pro version allows you to create more popups per category and even per product.
  • Choose Color Scheme – Think the original product design doesn’t go with the color theme of your store? Switch to the Pro version for just a small price and you’ll get the capability!
  • Booking and Subscription Popups – The Pro version also allows you add disclaimers on bookings and subscriptions for your customers. Make sure you create excellent results every time!
  • Simple and Variable Product Popups – The pro version additionally allows you to add popups on Simple and Variable Products. Now that’s even better for customization!

All this and much more when you buy the pro version of Woo Commerce Product Disclaimer Plugin by WP Experts at only a small price tag of $39! Think you only need a basic disclaimer popup option? That’s no problem either. You can download the basic version absolutely free!

Final Verdict

All in all, the Woo Commerce Product Disclaimer Plugin both free and pro versions add in excellent capabilities for several business owners who want to alert customers before purchases online. Download the Free version of Woo Commerce Product Disclaimer Plugin Here


Download the Pro Version of Woo Commerce Product Disclaimer Plugin Here

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