The Ideal WordPress Development Team

Founded in 2011 as Objects, later on feeling the need of WordPress focused team WPExperts ( formerly WooExpert ) was formed to set up a platform for the WordPress lovers where they can innovate and explore their skills beyond their limits and not just being a routine developer to comply with client’s requirements with same old-fashioned WordPress mechanics.

The idea was to develop a combo of innovation and excelled WordPress technology to leverage the full benefit of this open-source WordPress’s development ecosystem, helping the community and modern businesses to comply with their needs with little or no hassle to manage their web presence.

The company was formed with a mission and vision of not becoming like every next development company providing the whole bunch of old-fashioned development services without having anything new or what we call “impressive” way to implement things.

Our services list will not let keep you scrolling and you might feel that we are limited in our services but let us assure you one thing we are not limited in our proficiency or innovation when it comes to WordPress. We believe we can provide better solutions to our customer’s problems if we focus on something which runs like blood in us & that’s what sets us apart when it comes to WordPress! Be it development, customization, implementation, analysis, optimization, or whatever comes in your mind, you will always find us better and best than rest!
Started with a small WordPress theme customization project, and now having more than 500 satisfied clients from different industry verticals under our roof tells the story of our quality, dedication, and problem-solving ability.

Enough said? It’s better to try yourself and experience unmatched development services for your next big thing! Well, a free demo or project plan won’t cost you anything, isn’t it? So let’s get started straight away .

How Do We Do It

Well, we believe in keeping things simple. Whenever a project goes wrong or does not meet client’s requirements is mainly because of the’ needs not being understood’. We have a specialized team who understands what client wants from us and communicate it to the development team in a way which makes it easier for them to understand, ultimately resulting into reduced modifications, higher customer satisfaction, and faster delivery.  From requirement gathering to final deliverable, we make it easier for all of us.

Requirements Gathering

Understanding your core requirements and business needs to prepare a feasibility report with all possible solutions and sometimes that gives you better ideas than yours .


Information gathered via thought process is then transformed into a prototype so that there is minimum risks of errors and bugs in final product. Our developers keeps an hawk eye to make sure that the development is bang on target to meet your requirements.

Quality Check & Go live

Although our development phase has very strict rules to avoid any error margins but still a team of technical critics (we just love them) thoroughly checks the whole product from every aspect and believe us it’s like a soccer match between development and QA team, but the ultimate goal is the same i.e. Client 1 and bugs 0.

Founders behind WPExperts

Saad Iqbal

Founder & CEO

Ahmed Salah

Co-founder & CTO


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