Caution! You may get too happy to know that we love whatever goes with WordPress!
As we are WordPress chefs therefore all our services mainly revolves around WordPress platform. Now be it plugin development, developing a theme from scratch or customizing your existing theme, ecommerce & secure payment gateways, third party integrations such as LearnDash, Gravity Forms, Event Espresso etc, all these are our favorite & everyday snack.


We don’t have an on-going list of services to make you feel puzzled, because those who knows everything, knows nothing. We would love to develop your next WordPress theme, or may be a plugin to enhance your site’s functionality or if you want to get indulged in eCommerce, then you are on the right page.

WordPress Hosting

When it comes to Hosting there are many options out there. But the question is which is the best choice to manage your WordPress site? So let our WordPress Experts Help you.


We do every thing when it comes to WordPress. From Theme to Plugins whatever you are looking for. Each time WordPress comes up with an update, our task is to port your website flawlessly and automatically to the latest version of it.


Kick-start your digital store with our fully configured ecommerce websites, having catalog management, configurable products, front store optimization, SEO friendly, customer database, marketing campaign, and integrated payments.


Easy to navigate learning management system with secure payment options, course library having documents & videos, assignments, quizzes, GDB, and MDB, all integrated in a single WordPress theme.

WordPress Frameworks

When it comes to fast and efficient custom Theme solution, WordPress Frameworks are the best option to go with. We have a Team of Developers and Designers Who have worked with different WordPress Frameworks to deliver their Projects.

Easy Digital Downloads

Our Expert WordPress developers have adept skills to create add-ons for the EDD plugin. We use simple techniques to incorporate the new functionalities by developing add-ons as plugins.

WordPress Subscriptions

Manage your customer base with our professionally designed WordPress based Subscription portal with easy & secure payments, managing subscribers, automated emails and much more.

WordPress Events

If you have a business where you sell Tickets or Your company works to organize Events and now you are eager to get Your business online then our Developers can help You establish your online Event Management System.

WordPress Social

Looking for some social platform for your business or community with awesome admin features, then WordPress social platforms are the best way to start with. From social forums to social networks our developers can develop and customize for you.

API Programming

Nurture business growth with extensive API programming to make your site a technology-enabled platform i.e. hassles free integration with third party apps or business solutions.


To expand your market reach, e-commerce store is a perfect way to grow your business online and get incredible revenue. With WordPress we have a number of options to start an e-commerce store. So What's best for You? Let our team help you to decide that.

WordPress Forms

Looking for some custom contact form or some complex user front end forms? We have solution for every thing when it comes to engage your visitor and get the information that you want and get right to your inbox.

WordPress Job Board

In Today's World there are many Job boards around the internet. When it comes to modular Job boards where you can simply add different plugins for extending the functionality that's where WordPress Job boards have proved to be the best solution.

Premium Themes

When it comes to time effective and cost effective solution to build an awesome and bug free WordPress website then Premium Themes are the best thing to start with. But there are times when you are looking to extend the default functionality of these ready to use themes.
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