E-Learning (LMS)

E-Learning has completely transformed the way learning is imparted to students. Unlike the traditional chalk and board method of teaching, eLearning makes learning simpler, easier, and more effective. It is now applicable not just to learn academics but also extends to train new employees, corporate training, and enterprise learning. Learning Management system (LMS) provides an interactive platform for creating, hosting, and sharing eLearning courses. By using systematic features of any LMS application, we can create and assign courses to learners and track their performance.

WP Experts take pride in providing WordPress-based LMS customization services to trainers, facilitators, and instructors around the world. Create your e-learning management system with us and provide more practical knowledge in an efficient manner.


LearnDash transforms your WordPress site into a powerful learning management system (LMS). In minutes you can create & sell courses, track user progress, deliver certificates, award points & badges….
WP Learn Dash
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LearnPress is a FREE WordPress plugin that provides the enhanced learning management services for WordPress websites. The LMS is widely used in the education industry, and it enables….


WPLMS is not just a WordPress educational theme but a complete eLearning suite (Learning Management System). WPLMS is suitable for academic training centers, corporate training, coaching centers….
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WP Sensei

Sensei LMS

Sensei LMS integrates with your WordPress site, making it easy to create courses, lessons, and quizzes. It’s an extension for WooCommerce, more like a practical addition to an eCommerce store….

Lifter LMS

LifterLMS is the powerful Learning Management Service plugin for WordPress websites. It enables users to create, sell secure online courses and training-based membership websites. Integrate this LMS with….
WP Lifter LMS
LMS WP Courseware

WP Courseware

WP Courseware for WooCommerce is designed to shape your online store of a teaching platform and earn with this leading learning management system. This means that when a student purchases any product from….


Edivently evolves the online courses platform where you can create and sell self-designed courses using your WordPress website. Edivently is an online academy that has a flexible dashboard and category functionality….
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