Lifter LMS

Lifter LMS

LifterLMS is the powerful Learning Management Service plugin for WordPress websites. It enables users to create, sell secure online courses and training-based membership websites. Integrate this LMS with any of the WordPress themes and page builders. This plugin engages with a vast WordPress community proactively and assists other integrated plugins with LifterLMS.
Zapier helps in integrating LifterLMS with other 1500+ applications, and lifterLMS comes in the Zapier plugins directory.
From freelancers to giant agencies and from small institutions to big organizations, everyone uses LifterLMS frequent services.



Course Creation

With LifterLMS integration, users can sell their ideas by turning them into helpful courses for a wider audience. Add the essence of multimedia, proactive tracking, and drip content to your courses.

Earn and Learn

LifterLMS allows the users to build a crazy income by selling their course or membership websites. Market your business by offering freemium courses and integrate safe payment methods for successful transactions.

Build Engagements

The exciting course platform enables the online champions to focus on creating engaging services for everyone to leverage customers’ interests. Add better functionalities to your courses, such as badges, certificates, and one-to-one coaching sessions.

Membership Solutions

LifterLMS offers exciting membership packages with complete solutions, including sitewide membership, course bundles, automatic enrollment, forums, pricing, etc.

Tools Integration

We allow third-party tools integration with the LifterLMS plugin to take advantage of the services without generating any disjoint software. Collaboration with payment gateways, email marketing, CRM, forums, APIs, etc., is possible at LifterLMS.


Restrict your content or deny access to the people you do not want to look at until you grant access. Using this service can protect your data by locking down the content with strong passwords.

Platform Management

Robust management and control of your online biz with LifterLMS from a simple WordPress website is easy. A myriad of services like reporting, enrollment, notifications, branding, LMS roles, testing tools, etc., benefit the user.

Instant Support

Connect with LifterLMS technical support anytime to get expert advice for your business or resolve any query related to your courses, membership sites, or any other training. Furthermore, the detailed documentation and demo courses can help you experience the things before any implementation.
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