Experience the ultimate LMS packed with all the latest and amazing features of LearnDash WordPress Plugin. It provides responsive support and lets you create lessons, sell unlimited number of courses, organize online quizzes and instantly award certificates to the students and other users. You can simply set the price, and start making money. LearnDash has high compatibility with smart devices so the users can easily access the courses and lessons via their smartphones and tablets.

LearnDash has amazing features which lets you to conveniently integrate it with your favorite WordPress theme. It enables you to schedule your lessons by specific dates, upload videos or e-learning files and customize the look of your content so it will appear just as you want.

By using LearnDash WordPress plugin, you can see visible changes in your website stats. It boosts the functionality and usability and helps to drive the maximum traffic to your website.

Developing Learning Management System

Our dedicated team of LearnDash developers always works hard to give you desirable results. If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start from, our experts can help you from setting up a perfect LMS to developing customized extensions for your website.

LearnDash Customization

LearnDash is the fastest way to build your LMS. It lets you modify the plugin according to your unique business needs. LearnDash Plugin customization is the most hassle free and appropriate approach to achieve your business goals.

Additional Extensions

An extension in WordPress site enhances the performance of your website and makes it fully functional. Incorporating a customized extension into LearnDash is a perfect idea to get results beyond your expectations.

Third Party Integration

Third-party applications add amazing features to your WordPress site. All the social sharing buttons, login, sharing of content or any external feature that enhances your site’s performance, can be added into LearnDash.

Payment Gateway Extension

Sometimes payment gateways for a specific location or region are not available on tap. With our expertise in WordPress Plugin development, creating and integrating a payment gateway add-on in LearnDash is now as easy as abc.

Theme Customization

If you want more out of your current theme, our talented LearnDash developers are ready to customize theme and add features that will best compliment your website’s needs and requirements.

Additional Features for LearnDash Website Integrating Job Portal

To furnish your LMS with amazing features, we can incorporate a job portal plugin. And if you require more apart from this, we can build a customized employment management application.

Custom Reporting Extension

Get course reports of your students easily from the Learning Management System. Custom reporting module helps you to get student progress reports without any hassle.

Forums for the LMS

Create unique forums, such as teacher and student, quiz based and course wise forums by integrating bbPress plugin with LearnDash, to increase the awareness and spread the knowledge related to problem solving and brainstorming.

Advanced Notification Extension

Advance notifications are emails or admin alerts, which provides information about quiz completion and lesson updates. It also tracks new sign-ups and tells you about your sites performance and popularity.

Student Progress Tracking

LearnDash WordPress Plugin allows teachers to oversee the performance of the students in any specific course or lesson. It helps to identify the weaker students so teachers can modify the course content according to the needs of the students.

Integrating BuddyPress and LearnDash

BuddyPress with LearnDash integration allows you to foster the learning process. You can spread the course awareness, offer group assignments and take online quizzes by integrating BuddyPress and LearnDash
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