Google Analytics 4 Configuration for WordPress and WooCommerce

WPExperts offers Google Analytics implementation services that ensure solid governance, best practices, and data privacy. We help businesses use the GA4 model to build a strategic analysis roadmap and optimize the user experience of their website.

Why Choose WPExperts?

  • Implementation of tags and tracking
  • Migration plan solution design and GA4 event documentation
  • Edit, track, and optimize events within the GA4 interface
  • Basic reports setup and support
  • Quality assurance during implementation and deployment

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Thinking about migrating to Google Analytics 4? Take a look at our implementation process.

1. Initial planning and discovery

Our experts communicate with you to better understand your business, audience, and current processes. We will also answer any questions related to the GA4 implementation process.

2. Audit your existing analytics tool

The next step is to audit your current analytics tool and report any findings that are important for the migration to GA4.

3. Planning the journey

This is the most important step before implementing the new analytics tool. Our team of experts will create a custom plan based on your business model, website architecture, and user journey.

4. Google Analytics 4 implementation

After carefully considering the measurements and migration requirements, we will install and configure Google Analytics 4 on your website. We will equip your team with critical knowledge and skills to use GA4.

5. Quality assurance

Our quality assurance testing and data validation will help you ease into the new system and ensure accurate data collection. We will also test the durability of new migration so that you can amplify the value of your data.

6. Monitoring and support

We help clients monitor their website’s new system to ensure accurate data collection and reporting. Our team will also be available to implement updates.

We Have Helped Thousands of Businesses Successfully Implement Google Analytics 4

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