WordPress Subscriptions

Have you developed an outclass software solution? Or an e-book or series of a professional course? Do you want to get paid for all your hardwork but finding it difficult to make it a recurring business module? For all these questions, there is one answer and solution i.e. WordPress Subscription based websites.

With years of experience we have proven ourselves in providing a better business solution for our clients which fulfills their needs and doesn’t put much pressure on their pockets. Have a look at what we can do:

WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions makes it easy to create and manage products with recurring payments. So If you are looking to provide subscription services to your customers then our Verified Wooexpert Team can help you on that.

Design Development:

IT’s useless to even think of something great without outlining the outlook of the product. A website’s design is good enough to tell if the business is doing well or not. Keeping this in mind, we provide a design that keeps your subscribers to be with you.

Plugin Development:

Custom plugin enablement services let you to extend your functionality without limiting yourself to platform liabilities. If there is not a code for your problems than we can write a one for you so that you don’t have to backoff from dreams.

Payment Gateways:

Integrate multiple payment options for your customers i.e. not limiting the options for them. Be it credit card gateways, PayPal, Google Checkout or any third party payment merchants, we integrate them with safe and secure practices to avoid any later mishaps.

Social Integration:

Social is the key now for cross channel promotions and especially for subscription based websites because you will want your users to share their reviews and product briefs directly with their circle. Integrate your subscription model with social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ etc.

Integration with Message Automation:

This is important! Because the core model of a subscription site revolves around recurring and renewing the subscriptions therefore it’s a must-have for the site owners to reach out their subscribers on right time i.e. before the subscription ends. We help you in automating all alerts i.e. intimating your subscribers about the status of their subscription.

LMS Integration:

If you are offering educational stuff via subscription website that integrate your portal with a WordPress based LMS portal to cater both the needs at a single platform rather than managing two separate platforms.

Custom Reports & Analytics:

Measure your business performance with all third party analytics services. We enable you to integrate third party tools such as Google Analytics, Hubspot etc within your system to get customized reports as per your needs so that you can take more effective decisions.

Virtual Inventory Management:

Manage what you have on your subscription website, if you offer something limited with quantity or number of license or distribution rights, then we can help maintaining you a virtual inventory for your products so that you are never out of your virtual stock.

Integration with Third Party Plugins

Third party integration is essential for WooCommerce Subscriptions website, and who better knows that than us . Therefore, our expert developers are skilled to sync the third party plug ins with subscription plug ins .

Subscriptions Plugin Customization

Small changes are necessary with the evolving market trends . Thus, we provide you with the customized functions to add tweaks to the subscription plugin .

Advanced Email Notification Integration

We provide with an added functionality of advanced email notifications to your Subscriptions Website. That would perform the mere function of sending an e-mail to the user, notifying him about the subscription status.

Discounts on Various Subscription Model

We provide with the best way to indicate the discount offers on the products and the services, to facilitate our customers and to enrich their experience, while surfing on your website. Furthermore, we know how to lure customers through offering effective deals and discounts.

Subscriptions Plugin as an Installments Model

An installment method can be integrated into your WooCommerce website to increase the perks of your subscription plugin.

Subscriptions Model for Different Product Types

Having a variety of products, could sometimes feel jumbled up. But we come with a better solution to customize your subscription plugins, while integrating it with different product types.
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