API Programming

WordPress is a flexible platform and that is what makes it so popular among the masses, especially among the small businesses. Today’s era is of delivering seamless experience & services to your customers and for that it’s important to make sure that you have everything a customer requires for completing their actions successfully.

With our API programming skills, we enable you to handshake with other business solutions that can help you grow your business. Technology should never be a hassle or hurdle in your success path and therefore with this API programming services, we make sure that you just look after your business development tasks and let us take the responsibility of finding out ‘How-To’ of technical merger. Here is what we can do for you:

API Integration:

Be it your next marketing technology or your logistic partner, integrate their processes with yours to make things faster. We assist in integrating third party systems and apps with your system to make you capable of handling all business processes from your single WordPress platform.

API Customization:

What if you are about to sign a deal but at the last moment your tech guy informs you that your system is not compatible enough to get a handshake with your partner’s system? Sound terrible, right? Nothing to worry though! We help you in customizing the already-programmed APIs to get over the compatibility hindrance.


Get your API configured for your LMS portal i.e. enabling interaction with different academic institutes, e-Learning functionalities, research groups & journals, online assessment platforms, and all such possibilities you can imagine of.

API For WooCommerce:

Enable your eCommerce store to get ahead of your competitors by accelerating your business processes. Integrate your store with your vendors and logistic partners to manage your stock, pulling out delivery invoice, sales report, and much more.

Social API:

Enable your customers to login, share, pull & push notifications, community build up with polls, quizzes, RSS Feeds and all such socially indulge actions on your website with social API programming services. Make sure not lose this sales touch point as it’s going to be future defining factor for businesses.

Payment API:

With custom e-payment options it has become lot easier for the customers to get done with complete sales cycle on their devices. But businesses need to be more fluent in adapting the technology advancements. We help you to provide your customers with all payment popular gateways by integrating with payment merchants and accounts- all the thanks to API programming

Google APIs

Google APIs allows you to connect and integrate your apps or services with Google services like Google Maps, Gmail, Translate and Search. This feature extend the functionality of your existing services such as Google Maps API is build to work seamlessly on desktop browsers and smart devices. So when integrated with your webpage, it increases the performance of your WordPress website.

WPML for Multilingual Websites

If you want your WordPress website to be available in many languages, then WPML allows you to run your website easily by translating your WordPress blog posts, pages, themes, tags etc. WPML widget is a light weight plugin which takes just a few minutes to load and give your website users an option to choose a familiar language.

MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is a great email marketing solution which allows you to manage your contact list, send emails and oversee your results. We can integrate MailChimp in the form of sign-up forms to increase the number of email subscribes for your blog or eCommerce site.


APIs saves a great amount of time and allows you to easily manage and run your WordPress website. With JSON REST API, you can simply access your site’s data via HTTP. You can move the entire WordPress site’s data in JSON format which includes posts, users and many other things. You can update and fetch the data whenever you want.

Facebook API

Facebook API is an amazing platform which allows you to build applications for the users of Facebook. With the help of API, apps can easily access profile information of the users and their connections which makes the app function effectively. By using Facebook API, users can share their information like photos, friends and activities in the app.

Twitter API for a Seamless Experience

Twitter API is used for the apps and websites which look to Twitter. It has two major APIs; the REST API is used to access core Twitter data, post Tweets, update timelines, create lists, and follow someone etc. while Search API is for the basic searching like trends data and others.
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