APPExperts Beta: Convert your WordPress & WooCommerce website into a mobile application

We are happy to announce the launch of APPExperts Beta which allows users to convert their WordPress & WooCommerce sites into iOS or Android mobile apps without the need to code. 

The simple no-code development process takes a few minutes from your time and gives you the power to turn your WordPress-powered website into a mobile application for iOS and Android phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. 

The application builder plugin is equipped with customization options that give you control over the app’s splash screen, icon colors, taxonomy, language support, and much more. 

APPExperts Beta WordPress & WooCommerce Website

APPExperts is an ideal choice for business owners everywhere and here is why:

  • Self-Publishing – APPExperts gives you the ability to publish your application within seconds.
  • Create your app with Flutter – Develop cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web.
  • Customization – Customize the application according to your brand’s theme without any restrictions.
  • Compatibility – Every application is compatible with all smartphones and screen sizes, whether they support Android or iOS.
  • Automatic update sync – Any changes to the WordPress website will automatically be updated to your mobile application.
  • Premium support – We are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us for feature customizations or other requests.
  • Tons of other advantages – Flutter app development helps you deliver results that are incredibly fast and expressive.

APPExperts Features

  • WooCommerce Functionality Support – Convert your eCommerce store into a mobile app with support for WooCommerce features and functionalities including simple and variable products, add-to-cart, WebView form-based checkout pages that are integrated with all payment and shipping methods, and more.
  • Social Sharing – Empower users with social sharing to unleash the real power of your App.
  • Splash Screen – Design an elegant launch screen to enhance your app’s beauty and boost the user experience with a smooth app launching perspective.
  • Multilingual Support – Every application is integrated with translation support, translation management, and editing tools.
  • Search Functionality – Include a self-contained search function in your application to provide a reliable search experience for all users.
  • Customization – Customize your app’s menu with custom links, taxonomies, pages, posts, and categories.
  • Member Access – Create a members-only application that requires users to log in first.
  • Support for RTL Languages – The application supports RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.)
  • Live Updates from Website to App – Any update to the website will be synced to the mobile application.

How does the plugin work? 

  • Download the plugin from
  • Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website
  • Register as a new user
  • Create a new application (configure app details)
  • Select your app category (eCommerce, blog, information, etc.)
  • And, that’s it! Your application is ready for use – Publish it on Google Play and Apple Store.

Read the technical documentation or watch the video for your convenience.



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