7 Best Email Hosting for Small Business

Small companies don’t want to lose a lot of cash on email hosting. They find ways to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on email hosting as they don’t require thousands of email accounts. But they end up feeling hopeless and looking for the best email hosting service providers. Email hosting services are a well-liked way to contact your consumers.

Small businesses can send regular updates with a business email hosting service with market size of approximately $25.70 billion.

As appealing as it may sound, selecting the most affordable yet best email hosting for small businesses is critical. However, the question of how to select the best email hosting for small businesses arises. Let’s dive deep and look at small businesses’ seven best email solutions.

best email hosting

Why Do You Need It?

An email hosting provider manages an email server. You can obtain an email hosting server by subscribing to an email hosting service. To access an email service, all you need is a domain name.

A hosting email service can help keep, send, and administer your email accounts. Most large e-commerce sites have their own email servers to ensure that emails are sent on time to their intended recipients.

Several web hosting companies now provide email hosting servers to supplement their standard offerings, including shared, dedicated, and cloud hosting. Small businesses today use email hosting services from Google, Zoho, and other companies.

Why a Separate Server is Preferable to Host Email

As per experts, it is not feasible to host the email on the same server as the database and web files for the company sites. When a calamity occurs and the server goes down for any reason, a company cannot email its clients because the system is also down.

Hosting the email from a technological standpoint is not a good idea. The resource requirements for web hosting and email hosting are considerably different from one another. If both are hosted on the same server, they may compete for the same resources, which could slow down the application.

While the service provider’s support staff may be skilled at handling problems related to web hosting, their knowledge of email hosting difficulties may be limited. Therefore, you need to have a separate business email hosting service.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Business Email Hosting Service


A reliable business email hosting service should offer you control of email settings. The email service should be simple to use too. It should provide you with client support whenever needed. So, make sure you choose an email hosting service that offers full, 24/7 support via phone, live chat, or email.


Your email’s content and data will be safeguarded and secure from potential attacks if the email hosting provider delivers security. You should make sure that the business email hosting service you choose has cutting-edge features like anti-malware, anti-spam filtering, and other ways to protect your data.


Emails are frequently used for cooperation, storage, and personal and corporate communications. You should select the best small business email hosting service for storage capacity. Look for a host that centralizes all your data and automatically archives older mail. Your email hosting company should back up your archived emails often to protect your security and keep you from losing data.

SMTP, IMAP, And POP3: The Comparison Between Email Protocols

Before going into the details of the best small business email hosting services, let’s learn about different protocols for sending emails. The following are the protocols you require to send emails.


Post Office Protocol is referred to as OP3, with “3” denoting the version. The most recent and most popular version is 3. It is a straightforward protocol that just allows for downloads.

POP3 downloads an email from the server to one computer (or on another device). After it has been downloaded to your computer, it removes the email from the server. Inconveniently, this prevents you from reading your email from different locations.


“IMAP” stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a well-known mechanism for obtaining emails. The IMAP protocol’s most significant benefit is that it enables you to read email on many computers (or devices). The reason for its multi-device availability is that an email that has been delivered remains on the mail server. To be precise, you may view your email on your smartphone, tablet, a desktop computer at home, and personal computer.


The acronym for SMTP is (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). It is an accepted mechanism for sending emails. You can send email messages via SMTP, relay them, or forward them to other mail clients, such as MS Outlook or Gmail. The SMTP server can carry out the transmission process for emails you send.

The Top 7 Best Small Business Email Hosting Services

1- Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Create a professional email account for your company using Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), the Gmail you already enjoy. It provides admin controls and loads of valuable features with no invasive advertisements. Email hosting comes with technologies that can help your business be more productive by letting you work quickly and easily.

Your company’s data, users, and devices are protected because they are built on Google’s incredibly secure infrastructure. You get complete control over your email while your data is backed up in the cloud.

Key Features

  • Sheets
  • Drive
  • Endpoint
  • Chat
  • Scripts
  • Gmail
  • Forms
  • Docs
  • Currents in the clouds
  • Calendar
  • Vault
  • Meet
  • Sites
  • Slides, Apps, and
  • Add-ons

2- ScalaHosting

scale hosting

ScalaHosting is a secure business email hosting service that offers the highest levels of security. Having email boxes in a different cloud environment with ScalaHosting provides many advantages. ScalaHosting offers a significant and workable method to bypass spam filters and raise business visibility.

Further, Scala helps you build up email and sales addresses so that you can rapidly respond to any request. Additionally, it makes use of Shield, a top-tier cybersecurity solution. SShield inspects and verifies code, uses straightforward logic, and identifies dangerous activity to protect you from hackers.

Key Features

  • Loading Time Negotiable
  • Responsive Client Support.
  • Remote Backups Every Day
  • Free website and domain migration.
  • Free-of-cost CDN and SSL for
  • One-click WP installs and unrestricted email accounts.
  • Money-back guarantee for one month

3- A2Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is loaded with practical tools and services to assist you with your email marketing. Emails can be received or delivered using IMAP or POP3. Also, Horde and RoundCube are pre-installed and available if you need to use webmail. Furthermore, you can include Mailman to assist you in contacting people on a sign-up email list.

You can leverage the higher uptime assurance of your business email hosting service provider for consistent performance. There are several free-of-cost email resources included with each email hosting account. The control panel for A2 Hosting, which is called cPanel, makes it easy to manage and find these resources.

Key Features

  • Horde or Roundcube webmail
  • Sender verification through BoxTrapper
  • SpamAssassin is used to filter spam.
  • Enhanced spam filtration through Barracuda
  • Email forwarding and authentication
  • MX entry for email transmission

4- DreamHost


DreamHost is among the renowned email solutions for small businesses. It can present a positive business image to both potential and current clients. You can send messages using the email address that corresponds to your website. You don’t need to start with a different hosting plan here. Whatever domain name you already have will function with their straightforward and robust platform.

To keep an eye on internet risks and protect your mailbox from phishing assaults, malware, etc., DreamHost offers an inbound spam filter as the best email hosting for small businesses. The spam filter runs automatically and is free. The hosting package also comes with a pre-built Webmail account, free of advertisements.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed uptime of 100%.
  • SSDs are available on VPS plans for increased reliability and speed.
  • Unlimited domain names with 275+ extensions.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Limitless data storage
  • Email addresses are unlimited.

5- Titan


Titan helps small businesses strengthen their brands and build strong relationships with their customers by giving them an email on their own domain and productivity-boosting tools.

Moreover, Titan’s interface makes it simple to manage several accounts from one interface and import data from other email providers. Additionally, they offer a helpful and educated client service staff that remains on call around the clock. Thanks to their 99% uptime guarantee, small businesses can be sure that their emails will always be received.

Key Features

  • Schedule Send for sending emails at the optimal future time
  • Email templates to repurpose or save common emails
  • Follow-up reminders if you haven’t heard back from your client.
  • Read receipts that notify users when their email gets opened

6- FastMail


For those seeking premium business email servers that cost as much as a basic email service provider, FastMail is the answer. It is the oldest yet the best small business email hosting service in the business-a perfect choice.

Its lack of support and end-to-end encryption for PGP and IMAP makes it less secure than its competitors. To keep your emails secure FastMail offers spam filtering and two-factor authentication.

Key Features

  • Proprietary anti-spam filters.
  • You can do an e-mail search.
  • Email, calendar, and contacts in a single app.
  • Aliases
  • Notifications that are customizable
  • Exporting and importing emails from other business email hosting services

7- Rackspace


If you’re looking for the cheap best email hosting for small businesses, Rackspace is one of your best options. Small businesses can give their emails a professional appearance without spending a sizable budget. Your email would be free of malicious activity and free of spam, thanks to premium Rackspace’s screening. Additionally, it ultimately protects the privacy of your sensitive data.

Through their committed professionals, Rackspace offers you a seamless transition from your old emails to new business emails. However, you need to remember where you registered your domain service provider and trust the professionals at Rackspace.

Key Features

  • Mailbox size of 25 GB
  • Webmail, MS Outlook, and mobile access
  • Limitless aliases, group lists, and forwarding
  • Email Archive facility

Final Words

The email hosting plan that suits your business is your most acceptable option. You will need to invest the time necessary to comprehend what your company wants. However, once you do, you’ll know just what to hunt for. You have many small business email solution options, and you can choose from several trustworthy businesses. Some of the email hosting services mentioned above offer free trials as well.


Is it mandatory to have a separate email hosting server?

However, if you have a service offering email hosting servers, it is a bonus.

What security measures do email hosting services employ?

End-to-end encryption, PGP encryption, two-factor authentication, metadata handling, server location, and more.

Is it mandatory to have the same email and web hosting provider?

Some businesses choose to have the same due to budget constraints, while some prefer to have separate facilities. However, having the same service provider is not mandatory.

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