Book Easily Woocommerce Bookings Google Calendar Sync Review

Book Easily! – Woo Commerce Bookings Google Calendar Sync Review

It’s crazy how we always talk about Woo Commerce businesses online serving the E-Commerce industry solely, but we never really think about how the travel and hospitality business have been in the industry for just as long. It’s weird to exclude out such a huge category as not only are they a plus over the Woo Commerce industry, they’re looking over the subset of a whole other industry.

The travel and hospitality industry are easily one of the best industries out there in general. According to online statistics, 52% of the customers prefer booking their tickets over the web as they prefer it cheaper.

37% of these customers prefer to use mobile devices to book services over the mobile phone. For business owners in the E-Commerce market, this is an alarming situation. While custom E-Commerce stores with maximum customization tools, this can be a complex situation. For Woo commerce stores, it’s even worse as even though Woo Commerce stores are highly operational yet there aren’t many plugins that can actually help you out. It’s a harsh reality that even though Woo Commerce is one of the easiest ecommerce platforms to use online, not many plugins are available for the booking industry.

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Introducing Woo Commerce Bookings Google Calendar Sync

What can we say, the name says it all! Organizing your bookings from your website was never easier and it’s all possible with Woo Commerce Bookings Google Calendar Sync plugin by WP Experts. What’s the deal with the plugin? It’s sleek and simple to use. The plugin allows you to seamlessly connect your Google Calendar to all of the online bookings made via the woo commerce webpage.

It’s simple! The small plugin connects the API from your Google Calendar to your webpage and automatically allows you to organize the whole booking system in a few clicks.

What’s fun? In just a small price tag, you can pretty much add booking functionalities to any product that you may wish to and additionally, you can add the capability to automatically or manually add it to your Google Calendar account.

Main Features:

  • Synchronize bookings from Woo Commerce Bookings to Google calendar.
  • Synchronize bookings from Google calendar to Woo Commerce Bookings.
  • Manual synchronization functionality.
  • Auto synchronization functionality.

All in all, the product is easily one of the best products out there to help you add a bookable entry and sync it directly to your Google account. All of this at a small price tag that’s too good to be true. Get the Woo Commerce Bookings Google Calendar Sync Plugin By WP Experts here today.

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