Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce v1.1.7 | Release Notes

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We are excited to announce the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce v1.1.7 release. This new update introduces a couple of new features to offer a better experience to customers.

Here are the new features in the latest update of the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce.

Customize Table Design:

Enhance your e-commerce store’s visual appeal and brand identity by customizing the product table design. With this feature, you have the creative freedom to tailor your product listings to match your brand’s unique theme, ensuring a seamless and consistent shopping experience for your customers.

One-Page Checkout:

Simplify the purchasing process for your customers by implementing a one-page checkout system. Streamline the buying journey, allowing your users to complete their transactions directly from the product table page. This convenient and efficient checkout solution will boost conversion rates and improve user satisfaction.

Quick View:

Improve the user experience on your website by adding a quick view option to your product table. By clicking on a “Quick View” button, users can effortlessly access detailed product information within a popup, eliminating the need for them to navigate away from their current page. This feature enhances convenience, speeds up decision-making, and can lead to higher sales.

We hope the newly added features will improve your experience. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team with any questions or feedback.

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