Why Choose Convesio as Your WordPress Hosting Company?


With so many WordPress hosting providers out there, it can be hard to differentiate one from another. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Convesio, a hosting company that stands out for being different. It’s one of the best managed WooCommerce hosting options and is unique from the typical host in three key ways: technology, LMS and Live Events focus, and Slack-first personal support.

Cutting-Edge Docker Technology

Most hosts use the same technology to host sites – and have done so for the last decade or more. This is good in some ways, as it allows you to get familiar with the interface (cPanel, for instance) and not have to start over from scratch if you decide to switch hosts. However, it also means you don’t have a ton of flexibility for customization, especially if you need to scale your site to handle high amounts of traffic.

In this regard, Convesio is different. Unlike legacy hosts, Convesio is built on Docker containers, which is a newer technology that allows for easy scalability. These make your site “crash proof” and “auto scaling”, which means that your website will scale up resources as needed (“auto scaling”) and then back down again when you don’t need them. And that’s all without experiencing any downtime or crashes.

In practice, this means that your site can handle hundreds or thousands of visitors coming to a single page at once, all without slowdown or crashing. This makes Convesio good for websites that anticipate getting a ton of traffic at once – like contestants on the popular Shark Tank TV show, for example. And in fact, Convesio has hosted sites featured on Shark Tank.

It also means that for larger sites, you can save a ton of money on unnecessary hardware or full-time DevOps employees to manage cloud infrastructure. This can save large sites thousands of dollars a month compared to just about any other solution out there.

Custom-Made for eCommerce, LMS, Live Events, and Membership Sites

As mentioned in the section above, Convesio’s specialty is in scaling. That makes them an ideal choice for any type of WordPress site that needs to handle a ton of traffic coming at once. This includes LMS and membership sites with hundreds of members logging in simultaneously, live events, and especially WooCommerce businesses running flash sales.

Convesio’s dashboard was designed from scratch for their particular use case. The available tools make it easy to manage and quickly scale up depending on how many visitors you’re getting. This ensures that your site remains responsive and functional no matter how much traffic you’re getting. It’s useful for both pre-planned events and for sudden traffic influxes when your site goes viral.

Slack-First Personal Support:

Finally, Convesio stands out when it comes to supporting. Unlike legacy hosts, Convesio doesn’t use the standard ticketing system. Instead, they offer support directly on Slack. For each customer, they create a dedicated Slack channel where you can get help, ask questions, and discuss specific technical details about your business.

The Convesio team is no slouch, either. As a newer company focusing on cutting-edge Docker container technology, they have a lot of highly knowledgeable experts on staff. This is especially helpful during live events when you need immediate support and can’t afford any downtime. They can also be “on call” during events if you need extra technical support.


When it comes to WordPress, there really are a ton of hosting options available. If you’re just looking for a basic website, a shared hosting plan will definitely be sufficient. But if you need a host that can handle high-traffic events or sales without breaking a sweat, definitely consider Convesio. Their technically-minded team is an excellent resource for any business that wants to protect its bottom line.

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