Donation for WooCommerce v3.4 – Release Notes

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We are pleased to announce the release of Donation for WooCommerce v3.4. The latest version features three new additions to the extension, and the Donation API is probably the best change we’ve made in recent updates.

Here is what’s new in Donation for WooCommerce v3.4:

  • Donation tabs page
  • Synchronize donation campaign data
  • Donation API

Donation Tabs Page


You can now add multiple donation campaigns to the donation tabs page, allowing website visitors to view and select campaigns on the front end.

Synchronize Donation Campaign Data


You can manually synchronize the data for your donation campaigns with a button click. Clicking on this button will ensure your donation order data is synchronized correctly. Use this option if you encounter incorrect campaign data.

Donation API


You can now enable the donation API, which will allow you to access the Donation REST API routes. With the Donation REST API, you can CREATE a Campaign (POST), UPDATE a Campaign (PUT), DELETE a Campaign, GET all campaigns, and GET specific campaigns.

Here is the complete developer’s guide to the Donation REST API.

For more information, visit our technical documentation. You can also reach out to us via email at [email protected]

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