Enhance Sales With the WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form

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The eCommerce revolution has transformed how businesses operate and customers buy goods and services. Online wholesale ordering with eCommerce provides many benefits for businesses, including increased sales, improved customer service, and lower operating costs.
However, due to a drastic increase in competition, online wholesale businesses are facing a drop in sales. If your business is also facing a decline in sales, it’s high time you look for ways to edge past your competitors and grab the larger market share for your business. To begin, you can offer a better experience to your customers by providing a WooCommerce wholesale order form so buyers can easily buy many products in bulk.

A wholesale order form is a great time saver for business owners who buy many products. Instead of opening a new product page to add it to the cart, the buyer can simply choose whichever product they’d like to buy from the order form and move on to the checkout process. In addition, online wholesale forms can help you track your inventory better. You’ll always know exactly what you have in stock and can easily reorder items running low. This can help you avoid stock-outs and lost sales.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to create a wholesale order form and how it’ll boost your sales.

How To Create a WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form

Luckily, with WordPress websites, all we need is an excellent plugin to come up with whatever we need to add to our online website. All you need to add a WooCommerce wholesale order form is the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce plugin.

This unique WooCommerce addon lets website admins build their own WooCommerce custom order form quickly. Wondering how? Here’s a walkthrough to get you going:

Install the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce Plugin

Once you buy and download this plugin from the WooCommerce store, install it on your WordPress website by navigating to the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Choose the zip file you just downloaded and upload it.

Create a WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form

  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Product Table and click “Add New.”


  • Now, enter the title of the WooCommerce order form, and add the columns you want to see in the form by simply using the drag-and-drop feature.


  • You can edit the columns by clicking on them once you drag and drop them into the dotted box.


  • Once you are done editing the columns, you can scroll down and go through other features like responsiveness, table header, footer, filters, table size, etc., to make the wholesale order form suitable for your website.


  • After making the final touches to your customer order form, click “Publish” and copy the shortcode to place it on any page or post you’d like.


And that’s it; you have your very own WooCommerce wholesale order form to make it easier for buyers to buy many products in bulk within a few clicks.

Benefits of Using a WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form

• Cost Savings

The benefits of switching to WooCommerce wholesale order form are many, but one of the most significant is the cost savings. Businesses can take advantage of bulk discounts. When buyers order in larger quantities, they can get a lower price per unit. This allows them to save on the overall cost of their inventory.

Also, businesses that use an online wholesale ordering system can save time and money on customer service. With an online system, companies can automate many tasks associated with customer service, such as processing orders and handling returns. This can free up time for businesses to focus on other areas of their operations.

• Time Savings

You’ll save a ton of time with an online wholesale order form. No more driving to the store or waiting on the phone for someone to pick up. You can place your order from anywhere, at any time.

• Increased Efficiency

With an online order form, orders can be placed quickly and easily without wading through paper catalogs or making endless phone calls. In addition, bulk order forms provide a wealth of information at your fingertips so that you can track your inventory levels, see what’s selling well, and reorder supplies as needed – all without ever leaving your desk.

• Improved Customer Relationships

The Internet has changed how business is conducted in various industries, and the wholesale industry is no different. Most wholesale companies did their business in the past through brick-and-mortar stores or over the phone. However, with the advent of eCommerce, more and more businesses are conducting their operations online.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of selling wholesale online is improved customer relationships. When you move your operations online, you open up a whole new world of potential customers. No longer are you limited to selling to businesses in your local area; with WooCommerce, you can sell to companies all over the country (or even worldwide).

Wrap Up

In conclusion, you can see that a WooCommerce wholesale order form will undoubtedly lead to a massive increase in both sales and brand awareness. This online tool allows businesses to streamline their supply chain and reduce costs while increasing efficiency. This will not only help increase sales but also provide customers with a better overall shopping experience. With improved customer satisfaction rates and fewer hassles, it’s no wonder why so many companies have already begun to introduce wholesale order forms on their websites. It’s about time; you get on with it as well.

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