Google Gemini AI Chatbot (Formerly Google Bard) – An Ultimate Guide

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Today’s digital landscape has highlighted the impacts of chatbots to a great extent. Chatbots have paved the way for Gemini, formerly called Google Bard.

Furthermore, advancements in AI (artificial intelligence) have compelled Google to compete with a leading AI chatbot, ChatGPT.

Therefore, the leading tech giant launched the latest AI model last year, Google Bard, now known as Google Gemini.

This blog post will describe Google Gemini, what it does, and how we can benefit from Google’s next-generation AI model. It will also help you learn about the Gemini AI chatbot in detail.

What is Google Gemini Also Known As Gemini AI Chatbot?

Like OpenAI’s GPT, Google Gemini is the long-awaited, next-gen GenAI model family. It is a brainchild of Google’s AI research labs, DeepMind and Google Research.

Like other LLMs (Large Language Models), Gemini can generate texts according to users’ prompts and queries. LLMs are AI programs that instantly allow Gemini to understand and generate texts.

The role of Gemini, also termed Gemini AI chatbot, is not limited. It can process different information, including videos, audio, codes, images, etc. Gemini helps users quickly understand the complex details surrounding any particular field or subject.

How to Use Gemini AI Chatbot (Formerly Called Bard) in 2024?

You will visit the official website of Google Gemini to use the famous AI chatbot. To start using the Gemini AI chatbot, previously called Google Bard, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Sign into your Google account using your login credentials.


  • Once you successfully log into your account, Gemini’s chat box window will appear on your screen. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the chat window as much as possible.

Gemini’s chat box window

  • You can start writing your desired prompts instantly. For example, you can type “Why Google Gemini is gaining popularity” as a query using the Gemini Chatbox text area.

Why Google Gemini is gaining popularity

  • You can benefit from the Gemini AI chatbot when creating images. Similarly, you can use this impressive AI model to download and generate images without issues.

Three Sizes of Google Gemini

Google Gemini is created to be used by millions of people on various devices worldwide. Currently, Gemini is available in three varied sizes. These different sizes are:

  • Gemini Ultra (It is available as the flagship Gemini model).
  • Gemini Pro (It is accessible as a ‘lite’ Gemini model).
  • Gemini Nano (Suitable for mobile devices due to its size).

1. Gemini Ultra

It is the most extensive model and is ideal for performing multiple but complex activities and tasks. It has already beaten GPT-4 in LLM benchmarks, including MMLU, HumanEval, and Big-Bench Hard.

2. Gemini Pro

wp-experts-new-blogs-2_Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro is another excellent AI model that magnificently balances performance and scalability. This chatbot model allows users to conduct a variety of tasks appropriately.

According to Google, it is an improvement over LAMBDA and works better than OpenAI’s GPT-3.5. An independent study indicated that Gemini Pro excels in managing detailed yet difficult reasoning chains.

3. Gemini Nano

As the name indicates, Gemini Nano is a small but powerful AI system that supports smartphones and other mobile devices. The AI model allows users to check grammar, summarize texts, recommend smart replies based on context, and more.

Users can utilize Gemini Nano in the famous Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone.

Google Gemini Popularity According to Google Trends

The best thing about Google Trends is that it helps us explore what people are looking for in real-time. The data Google Trends offers allows us to examine people’s search interests regarding any particular place or topic at a specific time.


Google Gemini gained popularity worldwide as soon as Google rebranded Google Bard AI Chatbot to Google Gemini AI Chatbot. Google took this rebranding initiative in Feb 2024.


For instance, the term Google Gemini has become quite famous among netizens in the USA. That’s because people from California and other subregions search for it in large numbers.

Bard AI Chatbot is Now Gemini

If you use Google Bard, you must focus on two crucial changes that have occurred since the arrival of Google Gemini: the name and the URL.

You can access Bard AI Chatbot, now called Gemini, by going to

(Note: We have used Google Chrome browser as a reference here).


It shows that Google, a leading search engine, has already transformed Bard’s AI model into Gemini, the next-gen GenAI model family.

Is Google Gemini Compatible With Android and iOS?

A leading tech giant, Google has launched its Gemini app for the Android operating system globally. Users can now access the Gemini app in over 150 countries and territories.

According to users ‘ needs, they can access the app in several languages, including English, Japanese, and Korean. It concentrates on bringing AI-focused discussions and conversations to an international audience.

On the other hand, iPhone users with iOS 16 or above can use the Gemini AI chatbot through the Google app. They must enable the feature using a toggle in the top-right corner.

By making Gemini accessible in multiple languages, Google hopes to cater to the needs of diverse target audiences in other countries.

What Can I Do With the Google Gemini App?

The Google Gemini app is a blessing in disguise for users as they can interact with Gemini by typing and providing images. You can enjoy the benefits of an open-ended topic while chatting with Gemini back and forth.

Wrapping Up: Google Gemini AI Chatbot (Formerly Called Bard) – [2024]

It is time to say goodbye to Google Bard and welcome Google Gemini, shortly known as Gemini, a powerful and next-gen GenAI model family. We hope you will appreciate our blog post, which has comprehensively highlighted the importance of the Gemini AI chatbot.

If you want to know how to use Bard, now called Gemini, this blog post is for you.

The primary motive behind the invention of Gemini is to assist people when they experience different scenarios and situations in their lives. ChatGPT has already transformed the way we live our personal and professional lives.

Google Gemini will also fill the void created by OpenAI’s ChatGPT discrepancies to a certain degree. Fortunately, this is a win-win situation for businesses and people worldwide as they can use both AI models, Gemini and ChatGPT.

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