Google Pay Shutdown in the US — What’s Next?

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Google has decided to shut down its famous digital payment app, Google Pay, in the United States in June 2024. Google Wallet has already replaced Google Pay to a large extent.

Google Pay is still available in India and Singapore. This initiative will help Google streamline its payment apps. Moreover, the company can concentrate on making its services more beneficial and impactful for users.

As a result, Google Wallet will become a go-to app for users who want to make payments according to their preferences.

This blog post will describe when Google will shut down the Google Pay app in the United States.

When is Google Shutting Down the Google Pay App in the US?

_Google Will Shut Down Google Pay - What is the Future-

Google will shut down its leading payment app, Google Pay, in the US on June 4, 2024. After that, users cannot receive money using the US version of the Google Pay app.

Similarly, they cannot send and request money after June 4, 2024. However, users can access their Google Pay balance and transfer it to bank accounts using the Google Pay app till June 4.

After June 4, users can still view and transfer their funds to bank accounts. For this purpose, they must use Google Play’s official website.

How Does Google Pay Shutdown in the US Impact Businesses and Users?

You must explore other payment solutions if you have used Google Pay to perform digital transactions efficiently. Unfortunately, you cannot use multiple features of Google Pay after June 4, 2024, like integration with several Google services, ease of use, contactless payments, security features, and more.

Small and large businesses that have used Google Pay as their preferred payment option must switch to other innovative payment methods. By doing so, they can continue proactively serving their target customers.

Google Pay Alternatives in 2024 and Beyond

According to Google’s verdict regarding the future of Google Pay, customers, and businesses have to rely on other viable payment solutions.

This way, customers can send and receive payments from loved ones and others hassle-free. Businesses will add alternative payment options to their armories to keep potential and existing customers engaged with their products and services.

Here are different payment options for businesses and customers, including:

  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • PayPal

Is Google Wallet more popular than Google Pay in the United States?

According to Google, users in the United States prefer Google Wallet over Google Pay five times more. That said, they can immediately use the impressive features of the Google Pay app from Google Wallet.

Google Pay News of Shutdown Reddit

Various users have shared their views regarding the Google Pay shutdown news on Reddit, the leading interactive platform.

One user indicated that Google Pay is not leaving the digital payment landscape. Google will discontinue using the Google Pay app in the near future, but the good thing is that the company has integrated its functionality into the Google Wallet app.

Another user said Google has replaced Google Pay with Google Wallet, which means Google has successfully figured out the puzzle of app things.

Google Wallet → Android Pay → Google Pay → Google Wallet

One user suggested the need for mass protest against the Google Pay shutdown.

This scenario highlights the importance of Google Pay, as businesses and users have benefitted from the leading digital payment service in recent years.


Google Will Shut Down Google Pay – What is the Future?

The Google Pay app’s shutdown can seriously hamper the growth of multiple large and small businesses worldwide. However, the decision presents an exciting opportunity to users and companies, as they can turn to digital payment solutions other than Google Pay.

The digital payment industry will tremendously grow globally. Therefore, small and large businesses, medium-sized companies or organizations, etc., will need to embrace various innovative trends and technologies to make the future of digital payments secure, accessible, and results-driven for users.

When Was Google Wallet Launched?

Google Wallet is a leading digital wallet that lets users manage their daily essentials risk-free. Google launched the digital wallet in the market more than a decade ago.

Google Wallet became Android Pay in 2015, but Android Pay was rebranded as Google Pay in 2018.

Google Wallet again became a reality in 2022 and replaced Google Pay in various countries worldwide. In response, Google did not discontinue Google Pay in the US as it kept both apps in tandem for users.

However, Google Wallet’s popularity influenced Google’s decision to prefer Google Wallet over Google Pay in the US.

Wrapping Up – Google Pay to Shut Down in the US

Google is streamlining its mobile payment services for all the right reasons. On June 4, 2024, the popular search engine will discard the standalone Google Pay application from its arsenal.

Google has taken this move in favor of Google Wallet and its users as the company wants to simplify the app experience as much as possible.

Fortunately, US residents can still enjoy Google Pay’s most impactful features, like managing payment methods and tapping to pay in stores using Google Wallet.

Unfortunately, they cannot make P2P payments as this feature is no longer available.

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