Google Plans to Buy HubSpot to Compete With Microsoft

Google Plans to Buy HubSpot to Compete With Microsoft

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, potentially plans to buy HubSpot to challenge Microsoft’s supremacy in customer support and relationship management. This acquisition may benefit customers and businesses in the coming years.

As a result, businesses of different sizes will reap rewards in the form of increased conversions, improved customer bases and relationships, sales, and revenues.

If the deal between Alphabet and HubSpot becomes a reality, it will significantly revolutionize the customer support relationship and management functions of small, medium-sized, and large businesses globally.

Google Smartly Challenged Microsoft’s Dominance

Google has already started threatening Microsoft’s popularity and growth by providing users with crucial services, such as Google Workspace, and more in recent years.

According to Derrick Wood, Analyst at Cowen, a notable investment banking company,

“It does appear that Google has aspirations to try to take market share from Microsoft in the productivity suite, and they can use HubSpot to bundle applications together for clients.”

Wood also emphasized, “Buying HubSpot would make Google a competitor in the so-called customer relationship management sector, which Microsoft caters to with its Dynamics 365 products”.

During HubSpot’s first-quarter earnings call, CEO Yamini Rangan said, “Client demand had weakened as small businesses fret about the economic impact of high interest rates.”

What’s Next for Customers!

Google’s potential HubSpot acquisition is the right step, considering the significance of customer relationship management and retention. From users’ perspective, they will experience better and improved customer support services in return.

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