7 Sales Gamification Techniques To Uplift Your Business Growth

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Let’s come out of oblivion! No person on earth can do mundane tasks regularly with equal zeal. Everyone requires something to break the monotony of their daily routine. There should be something that can keep you on your toes to achieve something big, and that’s where gamification kicks in. Talking about sales, some sales gamification techniques can uplift the moods of the entire sales department. But wait! Is gamification an impactful way? Let me give you an example:

According to a study, experts predict the growth of the global gamification market to be $30.7 billion by 2025.

The above is a glaring example of how sales gamification can be crucial for a brand or organization’s growth.

Increasing Sales Through Sales Gamification

At the month’s end, an unmotivated sales team would always remain away from its assigned goals. Sales gamification in a corporate setting can make meaningful sense because motivation with engagement can boost employees’ performance like anything.

We should implement ground-breaking, cutting-edge techniques and technologies to ignite the sales team’s competitiveness. The competitive environment would be particularly beneficial if your goal is to enhance sales numbers because it is an open secret that sales are directly tied to our employees’ devotion. So, in that context, you can achieve much better results through sales gamification.

How to Make a Concrete Sales Gamification Strategy

Before you devise a strategy for the sales team through gamification techniques, you need to find out what motivates them. Motivation can be influenced within your team or externally influenced. Intrinsic motivations like progress, peer competition, or recognition drive your employees’ desire to improve. Extrinsic motivation happens when we encourage an employee to act in a way that results in a reward or to do something to get a reward. Many businesses also use employee engagement software to integrate these motivators seamlessly into their overall strategy.

Is extrinsic and intrinsic motivation essential to boost morale and sales? Undoubtedly, yes! Look! Giving your sales workers financial freedom will make them more motivated and ambitious.

Moreover, it would help if you went the extra mile to encourage lasting behavioral changes. For that, you need to have a defined sales gamification target, crafted procedures, and an implementable communication plan that is effective enough to communicate your objectives through gamification techniques.

Benefits of Sales Gamification

  • Your sales crew will be considerably more aware of business trends and work harder to meet their sales targets. The sales gamification tools have significantly improved the visibility of corporate targets for all parties concerned.
  • Sales gamification can give you a mechanism of continuous feedback that directly affects the motivation of sales staff.
  • The top brass of the sales force becomes more transparent to those in control of the sales department.

Top 7 Sales Gamification Techniques

You can employ various sales gamification ideas to uplift your sales team’s performance. However, it is quite challenging to pick which one idea will go a long way, as every sales team has its own way of dealing with things. No one size fits all. But we have compiled some sales gamification techniques for you to consider.

1. Progress Grid

Get a whiteboard and design a grid where performance can be jotted down. Ask your sales team to fill in the grid according to their sales numbers. Establish monthly goals and add the column for gross profit. Enabling each salesperson to see their gross profit in relation to revenue will foster an environment of accountability. You can plan an event with any fun-filled activity to celebrate the competition’s conclusion.

2. Random Gifts


Keeping a prize for every sales milestone can be one of the top sales gamification strategies to boost performance. Pick a month or maybe a week to give that prize and keep it secret to spice things up. However, advertising the random prize can always be an option.

3. Short Friday

Have you seen any corporate individuals who love to sit late on Fridays? No one, I’m sure! You will notice a noticeable improvement in the team’s output if you make it clear that failing to hit a certain quota or deadline in the last few days would result in everyone leaving early on Friday. This sales gamification move can make a massive improvement in your sales force.

4. Dirty Santa

During the holiday season, this game is nothing but ideal. Employing Dirty Santa as a sales gamification technique is easy. A person who makes a sale of more than a specific amount per week is entitled to choose a present from a collection of gifts. Another team member may accept the already opened present or open a new one the following week. Isn’t it a simple-to-use technique?

5. Raffle Prize

It is a perfect game or sales gamification trick to engage sales team members for a long-term sales target. For desired results and actions, sales employees receive raffle tickets. Mix the tickets up and choose the winners after the set period. Prepare for a significant award as well as a few smaller ones.

6. Inspire Teams to Compete

You can create separate sales teams and create a competition-like environment among them. Make sure you create groups in such a way that high and low performers are part of the same bunch. Ask them to collaborate and encourage one another as a team. At the end of the period, the group with the highest sales, the best client evaluations, etc., wins.

While rewarding your employees for getting the best customer ratings, be careful! Sales personnel can be irritating and pushy when they ask for customer reviews. It may negatively impact your brand or business.

7. Sales Team Member for the Week


You can pick the top sales grosser of the week as a sales gamification technique. Concentrating on the volume of sales closed or the total amount made is a bad idea. Sales gamification techniques frequently result in just rewarding sales leaders, leaving those in the center unrewarded. Their consistent good work can go in vain. Try establishing multiple levels to allow everyone to be recognized for their work.

Wrap Up

Gamification works, and there are no ifs and buts. It gives sales employees data on their periodic progress. It also allows them to control what they can do and make informed decisions to improve performance. Sales gamification tactics are available and can be quite effective for your customers. Gamification lets you skyrocket conversion rates, grab new clients, and improve customer loyalty. Will you plan to try it?

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