How To Sell Online Courses In 2024 – Step-By-Step Guide

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This one fact is enough to indicate the potential of selling online courses in today’s era. So, are you ready to offer your courses online? This step-by-step guide will show you how to sell courses to make money online.

Four Steps on How to Sell Online Courses in 2024

1. Choose a Profitable Subject

A recent study found that 42% of entrepreneurs fail because their product has no market.

So, let’s look at some of the most popular justifications for purchasing online courses to get a better picture of what kinds of courses sell:

  • Seeking knowledge to start a new job or for a career change.
  • Obtaining a certification in a field to advance their job possibilities.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Academic planning.
  • Just a desire to learn something new.

Moreover, it is no surprise that career-related courses remain popular among users. Below are some topics that you can rely on to sell courses online:

  • Computer technology and technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self-help
  • Arts
  • Education
  • Fitness and Health
  • Content writing
  • Entertainment

2. Create and Sell Online Courses

– Polish Your Skills on One Particular Subject

Choose a precise subject that you will teach in your online course. The following are some pointers for picking the best subject for selling online courses:

  • Pick a narrow and specialized topic as opposed to a general one. A broad topic typically results in tough competition. The simpler it is to communicate expertise, the more narrowly concentrated your area is.
  • Get knowledge at an expert level. You have an unrivaled understanding of your field. It’s not necessary to be brilliant or to hold conventional qualifications.
  • Know your target audience, what issues they face, and how you can help them.

– Get Reliable Gears

After choosing a specific subject for your online course, it’s time to start creating it. To sell online courses in a better way, you will require the following gear:

  • Lighting

Choose a place that has sufficient lighting. Search for video-supported lighting. It is always a sensible approach to get lighting rings for lecture recordings. You can get those on Amazon or other reputable stores.

  • Editing

Editing software like Renderforest or WeVideo can be helpful for you. If you are already at a pro editing level, you can choose a program like Final Cut Pro. WeVideo enables you to create professional-looking courses with graphics, background photos, royalty-free music, and more if you have little to no experience with video editing. It is among the greatest video editing software for those who are not professionals.

  • Script

Tools such as Teleprompter can turn your tablet or computer into a teleprompter. The device can help you read your lecture script while looking directly into the camera.

All these tools are vital to selling online courses. However, these are not mandatory. Affordability can be an issue, but remember that a high-quality product is always perceived as high-value. Solution? Invest in yourself.

3. Choose the Platform to Sell Online Courses

You must host your online course somewhere. You should look for a hosting company that makes the course simple to access, allows you to trademark it, and has a professional appearance.

When it comes to hosting and marketing an online course, you have two choices:

– A Marketplace for Online Classes

Online learning academies like Udemy are the ultimate hosting option. Marketplaces or online learning platforms enable personal branding and self-hosting your academic course. However, these platform sites contain tight policies, and you can be forced to give up your revenue by up to 50%.

– Self Hosting

One of the best ways to sell online courses is to host them yourself through a website.


There are 3 ways to Sell Online Courses.

(1) Standalone Online Platform
  • We provide support and instructional resources to host your course.
  • There are several standalone platforms with marketing capabilities, but they are fairly limited.
  • The best option for sole proprietors or small business owners seeking an automated solution to develop online courses
  • You can construct marketing and sales automation without a platform.
(2) All-in-One Online Platform
  • It gives you all the tools to build and market courses on your website.
  • Website builders, marketing automation, course hosting, and community management tools are possible features.
  • Some all-in-one platforms won’t take a penny of your sales, but not all of them do. Do your homework!
  • Best for anyone, regardless of expertise level, wishing to offer online courses.
(3) LMS Service Providers
  • You can construct and sell an online course with an existing WordPress site by going for online LMS services.
  • You may ask for superior technical abilities.
  • Connect only with reliable businesses that have been a part of the industry for a while and have repute. If you go for a “fly-by-night” developer who isn’t from a well-known brand, your whole company might have to go offline.
  • This is best for course designers who already have a popular WordPress website.

4. Soft Launch Your Online Course

Once your online course has been created, it’s time to assess its readiness for use by the general audience. Try out your course to see whether there are any bugs you can fix before launch. With the soft launch, you can

  • Talk to and hone in on your target market.
  • Find the most important issues and demands.
  • Determine what the market actually demands, desires, and is prepared to pay for.

You can also make a soft lunch by offering a free trial option to a small group of individuals from:

  • List of your subscribers.
  • Your social media fans.
  • Friends and acquaintances.
  • Your professional contacts.

Your major objective should be to ascertain your audience’s level of interest and determine the concept’s viability and worth. Apply the lessons you learn from your soft launch to your overall course marketing plan.

Wrap Up

That’s it. Now, you have learned how to sell courses online. Your major goal must be identifying your target audience’s interest level and comprehending the course’s worth. Employ the lessons you got from your soft launch and conquer the world.


Q1. How can I sell online courses?

First, you need to decide who your target market is. Furthermore, you will need to produce market-specific educational or instructional content if you want to sell courses online. Put your course on an all-encompassing platform so you can promote it and grow a student base there.

Q2. What are the best-selling online courses?

Online courses are most frequently purchased by people who are changing occupations, starting careers, or acquiring skills to advance their careers. Many best-selling courses focus on entrepreneurship, commerce, or technology.

Q3. What is the recipe for success in selling online courses?

The degree of demand and an effective marketing plan are just two of the many elements that contribute to an online course’s success. The quality of the content, however, contributes more than anything else to the success of a digital course.

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