Andrea Zoellner Twinterview with WPExperts

Our guest for today’s Twinterview is Andrea Zoellner, a Montreal-based Digital Content Creator who is currently the VP of Marketing at Kinsta. She is a WordPress enthusiast, having organized four editions of WordCamp Montreal and two do_action charity hackathons.

Andrea Zoellner Twinterview


Andrea has worked with organizations like Automattic, SiteGround, and Kinsta, overseeing strategies for growth marketing, lead generation, advertisement, social media, and customer retention.

She loves to travel and has well translated that love into words in her blog “The capsule Suitcase”, where she documents her adventures and travel experiences.

There is so much to her than meets the eye. Read our interview to know more about Andrea Zoellner.

Q#1 How did you become VP of Marketing at Kinsta? Tell us about your journey.

I joined Kinsta roughly 2.5 years ago after working in Marketing roles at Automattic and SiteGround. I’d heard about Kinsta because of their growing popularity and admired their multilingual presence so when the opportunity arose to join the Marketing team, I took it!

Q#2 What are your day-to-day responsibilities at Kinsta?

Our Marketing dept is made up of 5 teams so a lot of my time is spent meeting with team leads to discuss brand direction, growth strategy, and operations. I also meet with other execs and teams across the company to make sure all initiatives with Marketing components are aligned.

Q#3 We have heard a lot about Kinsta Academy. What made Kinsta start this initiative to teach people?

Content marketing is core to our strategy and Kinsta’s blog is consistently referenced across the web as a reliable and easy-to-follow resource. We wanted to push our educational content even further by offering video learning and guided pathways for devs and site owners.

Q#4 What more can you tell us about Kinsta academy?

I can’t say too much now other than the fact that we have lots of new courses planned for the future which will cover new technologies and frameworks.

Q#5 Who is the intended audience for Kinsta Academy?

It’s for devs, site administrators, and designers. Our vision is to have courses and pathways for everyone from new developers trying to break into the industry to more senior developers who want to learn best practices for adopting a new framework at scale.

Q#6 What’s your favorite/must-have WordPress plugin and why?

I use the Head, Footer and Post Injections plugin a lot. It’s so simple to add quick bits of HTML and JS code to my sites when I just need quick integration with Google products, for example.

Q#7 What does Kinsta do to build a community around its brand and keep people engaged?

First, we listen! So much of our product roadmap is informed specifically by what devs tell us they need and want. This is win-win for us and our community and helps us build a great exchange and engagement from our customers and affiliates.

Second, we are very thoughtful with our hiring. It’s important to us that each person who joins is enhancing our company culture and that every interaction the wider community has with Kinsta is friendly, supportive, and helpful.

Q#8 What drives you to keep doing what you’re doing?

It’s inspiring to see what people are hosting with Kinsta but what really motivates me is my team. Having diverse people and skillsets working together on solutions, beautiful designs, and delivering on our promises to each other and the customer is endlessly rewarding.

Q#9 Describe the WordPress community in one word?

International. There are so many adjectives to choose from, but one that still blows my mind to this day is how diverse and truly international the WordPress community is. I have friends around the world I never would have met without it.

Q#10 How was your experience at WCEU 2022?

I sadly didn’t go this year but I’m happy in-person WordCamps are resuming at scale!

Time To Say Goodbye!

At the end of the twinterview, We would like to thank Andrea Zoellner for spending her precious time with us. It’s time to say goodbye until the next twinterview. Stay connected!

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