WPExperts Twinterview With Chris Badgett (Founder & CEO of LifterLMS)

wp-experts-new-blogs_WPExperts Twinterview With Chris Badgett (Founder & CEO LifterLMS)

We at WPExperts feel honored to have Chris Badgett as our Twitter guest for a brief interview session. He is a well-known WordPress personality, entrepreneur, podcaster, course creator, writer, cooking enthusiast, and Founder & CEO at LifterLMS.

Chris Badgett has various living shades; he is a loving father, a nature explorer, and an active techie on social media platforms. He helps educational entrepreneurs launch their high-value training programs from their WordPress websites. Chris is the man who lifted the LifterLMS plugin from scratch to the most flexible learning management system in the WordPress world.

Let’s read what Chris Badgett has answered our questions!

WPExperts’ Tweet #1. What inspired you to build WordPress’s most flexible learning management system plugin, LifterLMS?

Chris mentions: I was tired of building custom WordPress LMS solutions for my agency clients from scratch.

WPExperts’ Tweet #2. When you built the LifterLMS plugin, did you anticipate it to be a highly popular plugin among educational websites & online trainers?

Chris mentions: I’m an optimist, so I envisioned success. At its core, though, we built LifterLMS to fulfill the needs of our membership site agency clients’ needs. There was no off-the-shelf plugin that combined LMS, membership, e-commerce, and engagement, so we built it.

WPExperts’ Tweet #3. Which particular features do you think give LifterLMS an edge over other WordPress LMS plugins?

Chris mentions: I’ve surveyed LifterLMS users many times about this. Compared to other #WordPress LMS plugins, they say:

1) All in One (LMS + E-commerce + Membership + Engagement)

2) Better support (for example, our live Zoom onboarding calls and Mastermind

3) Pro code (API, not buggy, etc.)

WPExperts’ Tweet #4. Where do you see the online education industry in the next 5 years? How can LifterLMS play a vital role in the growth of online education?

Chris mentions: This is the future of online education in the next 5 years:

LifterLMS + #WordPress will play a vital role in the decentralized open-source democratized education operating system of the future.

WPExperts’ Tweet #5. What is the motto of the LifterLMS team?

Chris mentions: To lift up others through education.

WPExperts’ Tweet #6. Who supported you the most in the successful journey of LifterLMS? Please mention those names 🙂

Chris mentions: Too many to mention. On the business advice side @chrislema (now a friendly rival :-), @danmartell‘s SaaS Academy was incredibly helpful, my brother, all my mastermind peers, our team, our free users, and customers, the family members of all those who work at @LifterLMS.

WPExperts’ Tweet #7. Do you believe in collaboration for your product growth? Which collaboration do you think was the best decision for LifterLMS?

Chris mentions: Community collaboration is a core value: https://lifterlms.com/about-us/

Some notable collabs:

Our LifterLMS 3rd party integration partner program where we support & promote companies that integrate their software with ours.

Collabs with the #WordPress core:

WPExperts’ Tweet #8. How has LifterLMS created an impact on teachers and learners? What is the best response or feedback you have ever received so far?

Chris mentions: We have captured some of our impact stories here: https://lifterlms.com/success/

Here’s some great feedback as well from the #WordPress repository: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/lifterlms/reviews/?filter=5

Here’s what people are saying on Capterra: https://www.capterra.com/p/194458/LifterLMS/

WPExperts’ Tweet #9. Do you think ‘Gamification’ is a vital element for learners’ engagement? Also, how does LifterLMS provide a better user experience?

Chris mentions: I do believe learning is better when fun “game” elements are added. LifterLMS was built from day 1 with an engagement engine. Also, GamiPress has done a great job extending even more gamification into Lifter. Some of our biggest UX wins are the course builder & student experience. myCred is awesome too for more gamification in LifterLMS: https://mycred.me/store/mycred-lifterlms-integration/

WPExperts’ Tweet #10. How do you manage such a cool and nature-friendly image on social media?

Chris mentions: I’m just being me, dude. I’m a techie, introverted, online learning + WP obsessed, nature-loving, outdoor exercising, organic farm living, homeschooling dad.

WPExperts’ Tweet #11. You’re into cooking! What are your favorite dishes?

Chris mentions: Omelets. And Pad Thai. Did you know I created an omelet course as my first online course?

WPExperts’ Tweet #12. What is the one piece of advice you would like to give to novice entrepreneurs?

Chris mentions: Go all the way. It’s lonely on the extra mile.

Time To Say Goodbye! 

At the end of the twinterview, We have shown our gratitude to Chris Badgett for spending his precious time with us. Chris also enjoyed the very first twinterview with WPExperts. It’s time to say goodbye until the next twinterview. Stay connected!

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