Vito Peleg (CEO Atarim) Twinterview With WPExperts

We’re back with another fantastic twinterview, and our guest is Vito Peleg. He is a co-founder & CEO of Atarim, an exuberant WordPress community member, and used to lead a rock music band.

Twinterview With Vito Peleg
Vito has been developing websites since his early 20s and is now working on a pioneering idea of visual collaboration between agencies, clients, and developers to save involved members time. He recently attended the WordCamp Europe 2022 in Porto as a speaker and conducted his session with the title “Why Does a 5d Build Become a 4-6w Project with Clients”?

We have discussed several things with him, from his day-to-day responsibilities at Atarim to WordPress’ future he is currently envisioning.

Let’s read what Vito has said in his twinterview!

Q#1 Vito, what was your vision and motive to develop a platform like Atarim?

Ans: I went from freelancer to agency building  800+ sites for clients.
experiencing the pain of working with clients (Back & forths, miscommunications, client delays…) we decided to fix it ourselves. It worked like magic, so we launched @atarim_io to help others fix these issues.

Q#2 What do you mean by Visually collaborating on any site? Would you like to elaborate to our followers?

Ans: Sure! We’re all building visual interfaces (websites) but instead of showing them, we’re talking about them.
Trying to explain things rather than just show them.
Visual Collaboration bridges the gap by allowing teams and clients to point to anything on the site and leave comments

Q#3 How helpful Atarim can be for WordPress agencies?

Ans: We’re tackling the 83% of the time that it takes to build websites for others – The collaboration.
Our users report a decrease of 50-70% of the time it takes to get a project/support request done.
Increasing productivity by 150%+
For every 3rd team member, we save a full salary.

Q#4 How was your experience at WCEU 2022? What’s the response you get for your speaking session on the topic of “Why Does a 5d Build Become a 4-6w Project with Clients”?

Ans: I was pretty nervous to speak on that stage, but the room was packed and people were excited saying that it was the best session at the event, so I guess I did well
You can watch the replay here:

Q#5 How long have you been in the WordPress industry? What’s your opinion about the WordPress community?

Ans:  I’ve been building websites since I was 14yo – which was 20+ years ago
I started using #WordPress 13 years ago and never looked back!
Only once I launched @atarim_io I discovered the power of our incredibly unique community.
There’s nothing like it out there! For real

Q#6 What is your opinion about Gutenberg?

Ans: I think that it’s the right path for the future of WordPress, I wish it would have been released in a smoother way and moved a bit faster, but I understand that these are some of the challenges of open source.

Q#7 Where are you visioning the future of WordPress? No-Code, Headless, or WordPress integrated mobile apps?

Ans:  I think that we’re in a crucial time for the future of #WordPress
We must adapt faster to how the web is shaping around us or we’ll be in trouble.
So, if we do – WP will keep dominating, and allow for no-code app development (even more)
If not – It will shrink and perish.

Q#8 Do you think using Atarim; agencies can handle enterprise-level clients too? Especially the agencies partner with the WordPress VIP?

Ans: We’re already serving some of the largest agencies in the world. Using @atarim_io on huge Gov projects, as well as Marvel, Disney, Starbucks, and others.
E.G We have an agency with a team of 100+ that doubled their profitability within 2 months of implementing our platform.

Q#9 Name your most favorite WordPress folks here at Twitter?

Ans:  Some #WordPress folks I enjoy following: @wpmodder @corymiller303 @TacoVerdo @michelleames @ImranWebsites @wpbuilds @natmiletic @stepherriffic @paullacey_dgtl @WPTutz @tejones @mattmedeiros And I’m sure there are a few that I forgot to mention (sorry about that)

Q#10 What does Vito Peleg like to do in his spare time? Please share your favorite movies, books, or games name with our followers?

Ans:  in my 20s I used to lead a rock band, touring all over the world (and building sites from the back of the van).
Now, I enjoy playing in the evenings for fun, as well as spending time with my beautiful wife and daughter.
I also read (or listen to) a bunch of books – Biz related

Meanwhile, when Vito was answering our questions, we asked an additional question and took his views on APPExperts (An app-building platform that integrates your WordPress & WooCommerce sites to build a fully functional application for iOS & Android without coding.)

Q#11 What are your views on @appexperts_io?:)

Ans: I think it’s a brilliant idea that can take WordPress to a whole new level by introducing native, quick, no-code mobile apps in the game! There’s LOADS of opportunity in the Mobile space that WordPress still hasn’t tapped into, hopefully, now we can!

It’s time to sign out!

It was an informative and interesting twinterview with Vito Peleg. Our followers and readers will surely learn more about him while going through his twinterview. It’s time to say goodbye until the next twinterview. Stay connected!

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