WooCommerce 6.5 Released

WooCommerce 6.5 is finally here. WooCommerce announced the release of this new update on their Twitter handle on the 10th of May, 2022.

What’s New in WooCommerce 6.5?

  • WooCommerce Admin:

WooCommerce Admin just got merged into WooCommerce core

  • WooCommerce Blocks:

WooCommerce Blocks just got updated to the 7.4.3 version. This release introduces the new Cart & Checkout Inner Blocks architecture and contains Filter Products by Price improvement and some bug fixes.

  • Approved Download Directories

This feature gives site owners more control over product downloads. Now you can control where the downloadable files will be stored to enhance the level of security. 

These were the new features announced in the WooCommerce 6.5 Release. Back up all your data, and give WC 6.5 a go. 

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