WooCommerce 7.5.0 Released | New Features and Improvements

WooCommerce 7.5 Released

Have you heard about the new attributes in WooCommerce 7.5.0 yet? The latest version has incredible new features, such as three new blocks for the Product Archive templates. Examples of the new Store Breadcrumb block, Product Results Count block, and Catalogue Sorting block are below.

What WooCommerce 7.5.0 Has to Offer

– Global Styles

Global Styles

You can now customize the Product Button, Product Rating, and Product Pricing blocks more easily in the Site Editor, thanks to WooCommerce 7.5.0’s improved support for Global Styles. The Global Styles padding controls now work with the Product Rating block, allowing store owners to increase the distance between the blocks.

– Style Book

Style Book

The latest release also offers expanded support for the Style Book, which has been accessible since the WooCommerce Blocks 9.5.0 release. Featured Category and Featured Product blocks are now previewable in the Style Book and have applied Global Style changes.

– New Blocks

New Blocks

Apart from the Style Book and Global Styles, WooCommerce 7.5.0 has introduced the following new blocks:

Store Breadcrumbs block:

This block offers a straightforward navigation trail that allows users to briskly grasp their store location and get facilitation navigation to previous web sections.

Product Results Count block:

This block shows the total products and how many items are displayed (based on the global query).

Catalog Sorting block:

This block allows users to sort online products category-wise through different criteria, such as popularity, price, and newness.

Changes in Database

The latest WooCommerce release offers two Database updates:

■ WooCommerce has added two columns to the wc_order_stats table: date_paid and date_completed. Moreover, both columns are then backfilled by data from the post-meta table. #36492

■ The previous “New product management” feature is now unavailable.

■ Note that this will do a single update_option call, but only for very few stores with it enabled. #36894

How about the newest version of WooCommerce, 7.5.0? Upgrade your plugin and try out the new options.

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