WooCommerce 8.3.0 Released | Features & Updates

WooCommerce 8.3.0

We’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of the update WooCommerce 8.3.0! We can’t wait to let you know that this release has been designed to integrate with the version, ensuring a smooth and effortless transition for all users.

After a 2-day delay, WooCommerce has officially launched its new update.

Explore the enhanced features and improvements that come with WooCommerce 8.3.0.

Compatibility and Scope

If you’re setting up a website using block-based themes such as TT3, TT4, or others, the default checkout process now includes Checkout Block, Cart Block, and the innovative Blockified Order Confirmation template. You don’t need to worry because we’ve ensured this change won’t cause any problems for existing stores. It’s a transition for users who are updating to version 8.3. Their checkout experience will remain unchanged.

Default Checkout, Cart, and Order Confirmation Blocks on New Installations

Default Checkout, Cart, and Order Confirmation Blocks on New Installations

Exciting News for WooCommerce Users! With the introduction of WooCommerce version 8.3, they have seamlessly integrated Cart, Checkout, and Order Confirmation blocks as the default checkout experience for new installations. This translates to a contemporary, user-friendly, and visually captivating checkout journey for an online store.

Themes in the WooCommerce Marketplace

Following the soft launch of the revamped Extensions page in WooCommerce 8.2, the latest release marks the next phase of evolution with the introduction of themes. Head over to WooCommerce > Extensions to effortlessly discover the ideal theme for your business. Explore the enhanced features and user-friendly interface to make finding the perfect theme for your online store a seamless experience.

Themes in the WooCommerce Marketplace

Marketplace Search Improvements

In the upgraded Marketplace, they have enhanced the search functionality to prioritize themes when no extensions are found. An empty search now seamlessly directs users to the discovery page, fostering a more intuitive exploration. Furthermore, on larger screens, users can now enjoy the display of up to 8 results if available, ensuring a comprehensive and visually engaging search experience.

Seamless Migration with the Page Creation Tool!

Updating existing stores is now a breeze with the new WooCommerce > Status > Tools > Create Pages tool. Effortlessly generate new pages and seamlessly integrate blocks into the checkout flow by deleting the old Cart and Checkout pages. This feature is crafted to provide users with a hassle-free method to update the Cart and Checkout experience in one swift process.

Note: While introducing an enhanced checkout experience, the blockified Order Confirmation template is currently exclusive to block-based themes.

Enhanced Mobile App Onboarding Experience!

WooCommerce 8.3 focuses on improving the onboarding experience for the mobile app. In this initial release, they want to boost the app installation rate by presenting a QR code accompanied by clear text instructions on the installation process.

Notably, Woo mobile no longer necessitates Jetpack, allowing merchants to log in with site credentials, and the app conveniently generates an application password. They are removing the Jetpack setup steps for non-jetpack sites to streamline the process, considering the observed low conversion rate. For WPCOM/Jetpack sites, the Call to Action (CTA) to send a magic link email remains unchanged.

Apart from this, many other features and upgrades have been introduced in WooCommerce 8.3. To go through the complete list, please see the changelog.

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