WooCommerce Working on Full-Site Editing Support to Single Product Templates

WooCommerce is continuously coming up with updates to make a developer’s life easier in creating stores just the way they want. In its latest Q1/Q2 roadmap announcement, new features will be introduced to reduce the gap in its full-site editing. Though WooCommerce has support for around two-dozen core blocks, you can’t completely customize every aspect of a store.

Store editing is still pretty new, as WooCommerce is trying to allow users to edit blocks how they want to. Currently, WooCommerce stores are functional with block themes with the help of a classic template block.

WooCommerce Single Product Block

In the roadmap update, WooCommerce engineer Darren Ethier said, “We took a very transitional approach to this support by introducing a classic template block that works in concert with custom WooCommerce templates to make various existing PHP-based WooCommerce templates compatible with block themes.

More updates related to store editing will be seen in the future, like the Mini Cart Block. This is expected to be officially announced in the May release of the WooCommerce Core update. The team is also working on improving and adding global styles support to its current collection of blocks.

The two new blocks that are next in the roadmap are;

  • Dynamic “My Account” link block
  • Product Search Block
Variable Product

In addition, WooCommerce developers are dedicated to blocking the Single Product Template. This will transform all elements of the template to be powered by blocks. Here is an early mockup of how it’ll look.

The basic concept behind such updates is to make the platform more customizable without the help of a developer. Now you can create the perfect product page without any professional help. To support this statement, Ethier added, “The primary consumer of everything we build in this new Store Editing environment is the merchant. The end result is that merchants should have more ability than ever to be able to completely customize their store themselves even if they don’t know any code.

WooCommerce hasn’t yet set any official timeline for when blocks will fully power the Single Product template. However, they plan to update all the plugin’s templates in the same way.

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