WooCommerce vs Wix – Which E-commerce Platform You Should Choose in 2023

Are you having trouble deciding between the WooCommerce and Wix comparison winners? It makes sense because both rapidly expand and provide consumers with seamless features and tools. The cost of neglecting their advantages is also too high; the dynamic eCommerce sector frequently falls behind sluggish wantrepreneurs. However, your case is different if you have decided to stay ahead of the eCommerce curve.

WooCommerce vs WIX

By the end of this contest, we will have an answer to the central query: Can the well-known WordPress still compete with the upstart Wix? Or will Wix’s agile drag-and-drop feature blow WooCommerce’s robustness out of the water? Keep reading this rich discussion full of insights if you want to control your eCommerce growth and react quickly to evolving customer behavior.

Wix vs. WooCommerce: An Overview

What is Wix

Wix is a fully-featured website builder that is appropriate for beginners and non-coders. Wix has ready-made templates, built-in technologies, and built-in security, which makes it easy and quick to make a professional website. 

What is WooCommerce

An open-source content management system is WooCommerce. It gives you complete freedom and the ability to build intricate sites. Provided services include hosting, installing plugins, executing updates, and more. WooCommerce has recently launched WooCommerce 4.0. This is a big update with a lot of new, innovative features that make WooCommerce more appealing than ever.

WooCommerce vs WIX – Snapshot Comparison

Running out of time? No worries. We have chalked out a brief and easy-to-digest comparison between WooCommerce vs Wix:

wp-experts-blogs_WooCommerce vs WIX – Snapshot Comparison

WooCommerce vs. Wix – A Detailed Comparison

Ease of Use

Concerning simplicity of use, WooCommerce’s learning path is steeper. People frequently prefer WooCommerce due to its adaptability, yet this adaptability also introduces challenges. WooCommerce also has the drawback that no matter what content you add to the editor before you preview or publish the article, you won’t see how it appears “online.”

Wix is limited. However, it was purposefully built so that non-developers could simply utilize it. Wix is considerably simpler to understand how to use. You may also push or drag articles, photos, and cart buttons on your websites. Wix is like a what-you-see-is-what-you-get website. In addition, you can quickly scale everything with a couple of clicks.

Plugins and Apps

WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce makes sure that everyone can utilize and modify its codes. Using WooCommerce, any programmer can make their own themes or plugins that users can buy or download for free.

However, because WooCommerce is expanding quickly, it raises a potential issue. As you might expect, anyone with a basic understanding of coding may produce a WooCommerce theme or plugin, which comes with its own set of dangers. These plugins can have outstanding or terrible quality.

Wix Apps

Wix is not an open-source platform. This indicates that the only Wix private development team that can introduce website-building capabilities is the Wix team. So, the Wix tools are much less likely to be “buggy” and not fully integrated into the process of making a website.

Wix continues to expand in the area of the Apps Market, which lets you add a ton of extra features to a Wix website. The implementation of these applications is not anything you have to consider.

Theme Customization

With Wix, you can choose from more than 500 different templates. Each design includes a sample of how your final website can look and is industrially classified.

Another plus is that each design has standardized elements necessary for the sector to which it belongs. By doing so, you can find your magazine’s website or a subscription type with less time and hassle.


WooCommerce Cost

Depending on your needs, WooCommerce’s overall price fluctuates. However, you must purchase your hosting provider if you use WooCommerce. Additionally, as WooCommerce doesn’t offer any eye-catching free templates, you will need to buy a theme. Depending on how well-known the developer of the theme is, a pre-made WooCommerce theme can cost anywhere from $25 to $299.

Wix Cost

Wix’s costs are more affordable and user-friendly than WooCommerce’s. WooCommerce may fluctuate significantly, while Wix offers a set monthly fee. If you don’t spend a lot of money on the developer, WooCommerce will almost always be more expensive than Wix (when all extra fees are taken into account).

WooCommerce vs. Wix – Pros and Cons

WooCommerce Pros

– Closely-interwoven Community

There is no formal support system. However, through specialized forums, eCommerce newbies can rely on assistance from seasoned WordPress users. WooCommerce, one of the most widely used platforms, has one of the largest developer and member communities. You can find a ton of material, articles, and helpful resources in the WordPress community that professionals write.

– Useful SEO Opportunities

WordPress was primarily created from a marketing standpoint, with simplicity and SEO in mind. If you have questions about their settings, WooCommerce will demonstrate how to use meta tags and descriptions to draw customers to your site. WooCommerce is brilliant as a coach concerning SEO.

– Blog-focused Platform

Everyone in the modern world agrees that the finest method of audience communication is through a polished blog with a comments section and tons of insightful information. Beginning as a blogging platform, WordPress began as a website builder. Even though this website builder has expanded beyond just blogging, it still forms the basis of the network.

– Themes with Loads of Design Opportunities

Several WooCommerce themes are available from different theme creators, like Templatemonster.com or Themify. Many plugins let you change things at the same time. For example, the WooCommerce App Builder lets customers change the themes on their WooCommerce stores.

WooCommerce Cons

– Hidden Cost

You must create a budget in advance if there isn’t a set monthly charge. Remember that you will be responsible for paying for the themes, website design, technical assistance, continuing maintenance, domain name, and hosting service. WordPress’s budget can go up drastically.

– Lack of Technical Assistance

WooCommerce is not liable for your downtime or the expense of damage if something goes wrong and your website doesn’t operate properly. It seems as though you are sitting on top of a time bomb.

– It is a Bit Complex

Open-source programs were first developed with developers in mind. Compared to other open-source solutions, WooCommerce stands out as a highly user-friendly platform. But for newcomers, its adaptability and unique features come at the cost of being hard to use.

Wix Pros

– Templates

With 500+ themes, WIX gives you the tools to create appealing and creative websites. Also, online shop owners can have their own templates to realize their e-commerce dreams. WIX’s template library is a game-changer for individuals who don’t want to deal with the effort of building a website from the start.

– Marketing Tools

With scalable marketing tools, store owners may promote their websites through integrated SEO management capability, social media posting, email marketing tools, and many other features. Search engine optimization tactics are essential if you want to be seen anywhere on Google.

– Free Web Builder

Because Wix is a free web builder, you can test it and become acquainted with how it works for your business if you are unsure about its impact on your operations. The free plan gives you access to all the tools you need to start a useful website. Upgrade to one of the premium plans if you require enhanced features.

– Drag-and-Drop Interface

Wix offers an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. You must select the content you require (written, a slideshow, or a picture) and put it wherever you want, without any limitations. By the way, WIX is incredibly user-oriented and has an easily digestible learning curve.

Wix Cons

– Restricted Premium Plans

Premium subscriptions only allow for a single site. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that all of your websites will be enhanced by purchasing a single pricing plan from WIX. The advanced feature set cannot be expanded or transferred. Otherwise, it’s not a cause for concern if you only manage one website.

– Flash-based Templates

The vast majority of the Wix templates are Flash-based. Unfortunately, they aren’t fully prepared for mobile and SEO. Also, not every browser is compatible with Flash (like Safari for iOS). Conversely, WIX comes with an HTML builder, so using HTML-based templates will greatly improve your store’s SEO. 

– No Interchangeable Templates

Do you frequently alter your mind? If so, there is probably something about Wix that you won’t like. Please don’t consider this a trivial issue because Wix does not permit content to be moved across templates. Therefore, it will be impossible for you to compare how it appears at other backends. Just a word of caution: pick your store template wisely.

WooCommerce vs. Wix – Final Verdict

Here is a quick summary of the WooCommerce vs. Wix debate to help you make your choice:

Ease of Use

If we talk about WooCommerce and Wix comparison for ease of use, Wix is the winner. The Wix drag-and-drop feature makes Wix easy to use. WooCommerce is not quite friendly to newbies.


WooCommerce is a winner here in the WooCommerce and Wix comparison. WooCommerce enables you to customize your site on a mass level. Wix is limited in its functionalities and features.


WooCommerce is a winner. It supports tagging, categories, featured videos, links, and private messages. Wix only supports groups and tags. 


WooCommerce is the winner in the WooCommerce and Wix comparison. WooCommerce is heaven for bulk eCommerce sales. Wix is best for selling a couple of products.

Continuous maintenance

Wix is a winner. A Wix premium plan costs between $13 and $49 a month. WooCommerce demands $200–$15,000 for different factors, including plugins, hosting, and recruitment assistance.

The WooCommerce and Wix comparison is highly subjective. WooCommerce is more capable and potent, but combing all the lessons and plugins takes time to find the best solutions. Wix takes care of upgrades and support on its own. Wix makes website creation simpler and more pleasurable, even though it isn’t as feature-rich as WooCommerce. This is especially true for non-tech businesses.


Which is better, Wix or WooCommerce? You might have made up your mind by now. Regardless of WooCommerce vs. Wix, both platforms have their own set of unique features that bolster eCommerce businesses. WooCommerce is the best option for people who want SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly stores, while Wix is better for people who want to do a business that looks nice.


Wix vs WooCommerce – Which is better?

For themes, plugins, and SEO-friendliness, WooCommerce has the upper hand. Ease of use is incredible for Wix.

 Can WooCommerce be connected to Wix?

You may enter or change data simultaneously on both platforms by integrating Wix and WooCommerce via third-party applications.

Wix vs. WooCommerce – Are both the same?

WooCommerce is a different eCommerce platform from Wix, with unique features and capabilities. It is free, as opposed to Wix. As per a report, over 26% of online stores are currently powered by WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform at the moment.

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