WordPress 6.0 Release Will Go Live Today!

It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to upgrade your website to WordPress 6.0 “Arturo”. As announced by WordPress, the new release is set to roll out on May 24th, 2022. We are here to give you a preview of what to expect with this major WordPress release.

In addition to many new features, you’ll find quite a few updates to improve your WordPress website building and managing experience. This release includes more than 500 bug fixes and 400 updates.

Here’s What You’ll Find In WordPress 6.0

  • Webfonts API

With the Webfonts API, you can load web fonts into WordPress, ensuring performance and user privacy. However, in WP 6.0, you are only allowed to register new web fonts from your “theme.json”.

  • Global Style Switching

One of the most awaited features! Now developers can easily switch between multiple sets of Global Styles with their themes with a single click. The new feature lets theme developers make as many different styles as they want, and it works perfectly with the new Webfonts API.

Global Style Switching WordPress 6.0

  • Choose Block Patterns that Suit your Website

Since the WordPress 5.5 release, block patterns have been regularly updated. In addition, with the Pattern Creator introduced by WordPress.org, you can edit, build and submit your favorite block patterns to the Pattern Directory.

Block Patterns WordPress 6.0

  • Site Editing Features

To allow developers the freedom to customize their websites, WordPress 6.0 improves visual theme-building functionalities and offers new template options for block themes.

–  Visual Theme Building

WordPress 6.0 introduces an improved block theme export tool, which allows you to download the current theme with all your changes and customizations.

–  Additional Template Options in Block Themes

Previously, there were a limited number of template types available for use. WordPress 6.0 introduces several new template types, including Author, Category, Date, Tag, and Taxonomy.

  • Interface and Usability Improvements

WordPress 6.0 strongly focuses on improving the UI. All the following improvements will strongly impact the overall editing experience. Here are a few notable ones we’d like to mention:

  1. Code Editor Added to the Site Editor.
  2. Post Publish Panel Category Reminder.
  3. Border and Color Settings Moved Under the Tools Panel.
  4. Paragraph Typography Section.
  5. Block Style Previews.
  • New Core Blocks

The number of core blocks is increasing with every update. If you aren’t aware of the complete list of core blocks currently available, here is a complete core blocks list included in the Gutenberg plugin. Here are a few more you’ll come across once WordPress 6.0 is released.

  1. Avatar and Post Author Biography.
  2. No Results in Query Loop.
  3. Read More.
  4. Comments Query Loop.
  • Improvements to Existing Blocks

In WordPress 6.0, you’ll also find improvements in some of the previous core blocks. These improvements will strongly impact your editing workflow. Here are the core blocks that are set to be improved in WordPress 6.0.

  1. Show/Hide Labels in Social Icons.
  2. Featured Image in the Cover Block.
  3. Typography and Border Support in Responsive Group Blocks.
  4. Query Loop Filters and Featured Images.
  5. Navigation Block Improvements.

Other than these core blocks, this WordPress version also brings a great number of enhancements to many different blocks.

Wrap Up

Full Site Editing is what WordPress 6.0 moves towards. In addition, you can expect future updates to improve the ability to customize your WP site. Though there are many more updates in line with WordPress 6.0, we covered all the important ones.

Are you excited about this new update? Upgrade to WordPress 6.0 as soon as it is released!

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