WPExperts: 2022 in Review

WPExperts Review 2022

Another year, another chapter! 2023 has begun, and we are ready for new challenges. 2022 was filled with successes for WPExperts. As we look back, it’s hard to believe all our achievements. Every teammate deserves a pat on the back!

WPExperts has moved a step closer to becoming the best WordPress development agency with countless updates, product launches, and global recognitions. Let’s walk through what WPExperts has done in the year 2022.

We Are a Bigger Family!

Saad Iqbal and Ahmed Salah, who co-founded WPExperts, both have experience in strategic company planning and growth. The company has an exceptional track record of finishing over 3,000 projects globally in its ten years of operation.

Before we start listing our achievements, we’d like to share how much the WPExperts family has grown. Currently, we have two offices, one in Karachi, Pakistan, and the 2nd one in Alexandria, Egypt. In the year 2022, 27 professionals joined the Karachi office, while 23 joined the Egypt office.

Our new recruits have played a vital role in helping us achieve many milestones throughout the year.

Our Recognitions for the Year 2022

WPExperts was recognized and appreciated globally throughout the year for all its hard work. Our organization managed to secure the following awards:

  • Top 1000 Global Company in 2022! Clutch
Top 1000 Global Company in 2022! Clutch
  • The 2022 Philadelphia Manifest Awards
    • Top Design Company 2022 Manifest
    • Top Web Development Company Manifest
    • Top Mobile App Development Company Manifest
    • Top Software Development Company Manifest
2022 Philadelphia Manifest Awards
  • Top WooCommerce Development Companies on UpCity
Top WooCommerce Development Companies on UpCity

Our New Products

We launched and acquired many new products for WordPress and WooCommerce users throughout the year.

Fundraising For WooCommerce

Fundraising For WooCommerce

With Fundraising for WooCommerce, you may give your contributors a uniform giving experience. This WooCommerce-based plugin does have the potential to increase online donations and includes a native wallet system for local payments.

License Manager for WooCommerce

License Manager for WooCommerce

License Manager for WooCommerce enables remote license activation and deactivation by extending the WordPress REST API. The plugin offers several APIs for switching, generating resources, and licensing. The API keys that are put up in the plugin settings authorize these routes. Then, you may access them by using the WordPress API.

APPExperts – Android & iOS Mobile App Builder for WordPress


APPExperts is an app builder plugin that enables companies to create mobile apps for WordPress integration. The design can be altered, pages can be added, menus built, and even functionality can be added, precisely as on a WordPress website.

Instant Checkout for WooCommerce

Instant Checkout for WooCommerce

Instant Checkout for WooCommerce allows you to integrate a scalable shopping cart into your WooCommerce website. Users can quickly checkout without leaving your website using a sleek user interface that integrates seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce.

User Registration for WooCommerce

User Registration for WooCommerce

With User Registration for WooCommerce, your registration and the lead-capturing system will be easily controlled. It is a state-of-the-art registration form builder extension. Optimizing your wholesale registration system will simplify customer registration for both B2B and wholesale customers.

WP Formify

WP Formify

Start your business today and connect with customers around the world virtually anytime, anywhere with WP Formify, a Stripe payment gateway solution for WordPress.



Wholesale products, prices, commissions, and quotes can all be managed with All-in-One B2B for WooCommerce. All-in-One B2B has features that can be used by anyone, from a beginner to an expert, to improve their store without the hassle of coding. This is the ideal tool for any B2B business that wants to grow.

To assist B2B merchants in competing with the best in the industry, this all-in-one extension combines the strength and creativity of our four best-selling extensions.

Products We Acquired in 2022

Apart from launching new products to enhance user experience, we also acquired a few tools.

Password Protected

Password Protected

Password Protected is a WordPress plugin that allows you to secure your website. In order to access the content, a password is required. You can password-protect your website to hide exclusive content or to hide it from search engine bots while working on your website. In addition, this plugin can come in handy for staging sites.

Login Designer

Login Designer

Are you tired of seeing the same old WordPress login page? Login Designer is the perfect solution to help you customize your WordPress login page and give it a new look. This is an easy-to-use plugin that requires no knowledge of development.



The greatest, most effective, and user-friendly SMTP Mailing Plugin is Post SMTP, which increases the deliverability of all of your emails. Fully compatible with any SMTP mailing provider, API mailing, email logs, failure notifications, and many more features. This plugin is ideal for boosting email deliverability.

Email Templates

Email Templates

You may change the standard transactional email themes and templates for your WordPress and WooCommerce websites with the Email Templates WordPress plugin. You may select a template design using the simple editor, then alter it by adding a logo or text, adjusting the colors, and editing the footer.

New add-ons for myCred


myCred is a leading points management system for WordPress. To enhance user experience, our developers are always coming up with new extensions that make this plugin better than ever. In the year 2022, the myCred dev team introduced the following new add-ons:

myCred BuddyBoss

myCred BuddyBoss is an add-on that allows you to reward myCred points based on BuddyBoss events.

myCred Email Plus

With the help of the extensive tag library in myCred Email Plus, you can send your users conditional emails that include information about their current point balance, most recent rank attained, and current level of any kind.

myCred Nominations

Your users may nominate other members for accomplishments, points, levels, and other prizes using myCred Nominations.

myCred Submission

By submitting a review form that your website management may assess, myCred Submissions let your users gain accomplishments and rank.

myCred To-Do List

Using the myCred To-Do List add-on, you can make a list that users may manually check off when done. Users can mark each item on the list separately to complete it. It could include a list of routine tasks like workouts, appointments, etc.

myCred Time-Based Reward

You may generate prizes that users can claim after a certain amount of time with the myCred Time-Based Reward add-on.

myCred Pending Points

Before granting the points, the admin can specify a pending status using myCred Pending Points. Before altering the points’ status from pending to released, the admin can inspect the log.

Events and Partnerships

In the MENAP (Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan) region, WPExperts is the first full-stack WordPress development company. Its goal is to assist enterprise-level businesses in expanding their reach internationally.

WPExperts is now a WordPress VIP Agency Partner

WPExperts Became a WooExpert Partner

Represented APPExperts in WordCamp Europe 2022

Represented APPExperts in WebSummit 2022

Get Ready for More in 2023!

Above all, we’d like to thank our loyal clients that have supported us throughout this journey. With your feedback and support, we can achieve everything. In return, we assure you that our services and products will be better than ever this year and in the future.

In 2023, we plan to achieve many more milestones. Many new products are heading your way, so stay tuned for more updates from WPExperts by following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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