WordPress Web Development for ChilLED Tech LLC

A talented team, WPExperts has always delivered consistently remarkable outputs. Their flexibility best demonstrates their strong development skills as they've completed diverse tasks. The team's diligence and open communication loop secure the ongoing partnership.

Vitaly Druchinin

Founder, ChilLED Tech LLC


About ChilLED Tech LLC

ChilLED Tech LLC is a USA-based company that designs and manufactures high-efficiency lighting solutions. The company operates from its headquarters in the state of Washington. Since its inception, they have grown their team to meet the market’s demand for efficient, well-built, feature-rich horticulture lighting.

Company Name




ChilLED Tech LLC



Washington, District of Columbia


The client uses WP Engine as their private server and web testing solution, exclusively used for WordPress sites. WPExperts assisted the client in custom themes, custom plugin development, troubleshooting, updating, and more.

The WPExperts team uses the Genesis theme framework platform for WordPress to make child themes, and it works better than traditional WordPress Themes. 

The client communicated with WPExperts through email, Skype, and phone. The team adjusted as per the client’s timezone. 

They always get their job done, according to the specifications and goals we’ve set out. They’ve completed every single task without fail, no matter what I throw at them.

Client’s feedback on working with WPExperts

“Someone introduced us to Codeable, a freelancing type of platform exclusively for WordPress developers. When we were first getting started, we assigned different projects to a bunch of providers on the platform. 

However, we realized that WPExperts seem to be a better choice over time. There was just less hassle with them, and they weren’t picky. They were also not counting every little thing and trying to add everything to our bill.”

Vitaly Druchinin

Founder, ChilLED Tech LLC

I’m the founder and lead developer of ChilLED Tech LLC. We design and manufacture high-efficiency lighting solutions here in the state of Washington.

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