What Our Customers Say About WP Experts

The website worked smoothly, and the team was able to meet the client’s expectations in terms of design and functionality. The WPExperts team was also highly commended for their responsiveness to any site issues that occurred, and they were able to adapt to changes that the client wanted.

  • Alex Sorin


WPExperts completes all of their assignments correctly. Their client is satisfied with their speed, expertise, and general work ethic. The team even works on weekends to make sure systems are running at peak efficiency. They’ve become a crucial stakeholder in their client’s maintenance strategy.

  • Michael Dodsworth


WPExperts continues to provide the client with quality products. The team has an excellent process from estimation to delivery. Even with the different timezones, they can still manage very well.

  • Darren Kimball


A talented team, WPExperts has always delivered consistently remarkable outputs. Their flexibility best demonstrates their strong development skills as they’ve completed diverse tasks. The team’s diligence and open communication loop secure the ongoing partnership.

  • Vitaly Druchinin