EasyDigital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

WPExperts offers result-driven services to cater to your business needs, including web design and development, CMS, WordPress, and open source development.

We aim to innovate new business ideas in the best possible way for our prospective clients. We promise to deliver quality-oriented work to maintain a good rating when we talk about attaining the best solutions using the WordPress Platform.

Easy Digital Downloads Discount Codes

Discount codes are personalized or publicly-released codes offered to the customers as buying incentives decreases the order prices. Users can easily create discount codes to encourage customers to purchase more. Our seasoned developers at WPExperts work day in and day out to offer sustainable discounts at flat or percentage rates and configure settings for expiry dates, maximum usages, and more.

Easy Digital Downloads Online Store Customization

Easy Digital Downloads is a complete online store customization suite that enables users to create customizable themes such as EDD Marketify theme based on the clients’ needs and preferences, considering the concepts of PayPal, recurring & stripe payment gateways. At WPExperts, we have a full-fledged team of EDD customization experts specialized in developing multiple WordPress E-commerce extensions, themes, and more.

Migration to Easy Digital Downloads

Migration to Easy Digital Downloads is a significant shift to induce further enhancements in customization, integration of third-party add-ons, and payment gateway integration with the current eCommerce plugin for your digital product. Our seasoned experts at WPExperts help you transiting data effectively and smoothly, along with the functionalities and integrations.

Third-Party Add-ons Integration

Integrating Third-Party Add-ons helps you extend your website’s functionality, knowing the essence of incorporating the external add-ons. At WPExperts, our experts are tailored to meet your business requirements by providing you exceptional third-party integration services to the next level.

Integration of Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Integration is yet another option payment method to facilitate your clients. Easy Digital Downloads is supported with the latest integrated payment gateway add-ons on your website. Our professionals are always anticipated to develop and provide top-notch payment gateway integration add-on to their potential clients.

Custom Add-ons Development

At WPExperts, our professionals have developed tons of customized WordPress shopping cart plugins, themes, licensed software, and professional discounted pro extensions based on the requirements of your clients.

How Do We Work?

At WPExperts, our ninja developers work in a streamlined 5-stage working process, which includes:

  1. We are providing Simple and Easy-to-use features, functionalities, and add-ons for the E-commerce portals.
  2. Provides a wide variety of convenient shopping carts for feature enhancements.
  3. Detailed, Comprehensive, and Complete Suite of Content Management System
  4. Multi-operating website architecture to improve online shopping visibility and reliability patterns.
  5. Improves the additional facilities options via generating promotional codes, discounted vouchers, and email coupons as result-oriented value-oriented service.
  6. Provides useful and complete data reporting facilities so that potential clients can improve their reporting and accountability.
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