Big Cartel to WooCommerce

Big Cartel to WooCommerce Migration

Big Cartel caters to a particular community. It is specially designed for artists and musicians who are looking to sell their creative products independently. The web-based platform includes all the tools you will need to start a small online store and reach your fans and customers.

Unfortunately, Big Cartel doesn’t support multiple languages, recurring products, or phone & chat support. If you’re an artist and want to migrate to the WooCommerce platform to sell your a wide variety of downloadable products, then the WPExperts migration team can help you with the flawless transfer.

Data Backup & Duplication

First, we create a data backup for your existing Big Cartel store by exporting CSV files from the admin panel. These CSV files can be combined with other data (for example, a copy of your theme) to create a backup or duplicate of your store.

Downloadable Products Migration

We export your Big Cartel store product titles, images, description, meta title, meta description, pricing, and product tags. Also, product attributes including all conceivable attribute types such as file types, formats, and sizes.

Customers Retention

We know it’s not easy to gain customers and their trust, especially for downloadable products. We at WPExperts retain Big Cartel’s entire customer database along with associated data. Also, personalized groups and clusters of your customers.

Orders & Reviews Retention

We retain old order records and any open orders as well while migrating your eStore from Big Cartel to the WooCommerce platform. Not only this, we keep your reviews retained so as not to sabotage your store reputation.

Discount & Coupons Migration

Any information related to gift cards, coupon codes, Coupon from Date or Coupon to Date, Uses Per Coupon, Uses Per Customer, along with the type of discount, the discount amount, and the amount spent can all be migrated to WooCommerce.

301 Redirects

WPExperts skillful team migrates your 301 redirects during the eCommerce migration to avoid or decrease organic traffic. We figure out the SEO-rich pages and take care of the most popular and valuable inbound links.

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