Volusion to WooCommerce

Volusion to WooCommerce Migration

Volusion doesn’t allow you to host your store with another hosting service. Moreover, the themes available with it also have their limits, and you can’t customize them completely. It sometimes restricts you [as the store owner] from making any significant changes to the store.

Are you looking to migrate from the Volusion eCommerce platform to WooCommerce? WPExperts provides professional services to migrate your store on WooCommerce without losing any data and eStore reputation.

Products Migration

WPExperts’ migration team transfer all of your product images, descriptions, product attributes, SKU products, and variants such as weight, pricing, along with the manufacturer’s information onto WooCommerce.

Product Categories Migration

We also migrate product categories description and category images from Volusion to WooCommerce flawlessly as they are equally important, like meta-title and description.

Customer Order Info Migration

We migrate invoices with customer contact information containing valuable data to analyze demographics to target the right pool of potential buyers from Volusion to WooCommerce.

Discount & Coupons Migration

Any information related to gift cards, coupon codes, Coupon from Date or Coupon to Date, Uses Per Coupon, Uses Per Customer, along with the type of discount, the discount amount, and the amount spent can all be migrated to WooCommerce.

Product Reviews Migration

WPExperts migration team keeps your entire manufacturer’s database along with associated dAll of the information related to product reviews will be migrated over to the WooCommerce platform—fields such as Created Date, Rate, User name, Comment, Product, and Title.etails. Also, manufacturer images for easy identification of each manufacturer while migrating your data from Shopify to WooCommerce.

301 Redirects

WPExperts skillful team migrates your 301 redirects during the eCommerce migration to avoid or decrease organic traffic. We figure out the SEO-rich pages and take care of the most popular and valuable inbound links.

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