Payment Gateways

Online and e-payments is playing a vital role in today’s economy because of its reliability, security, and easiness. This form of payments have bridged the geographical gaps. Imagine a person sitting at his home in a different country orders from a store far away sitting in a different continent with hell easiness, and this has been possible because of virtual payment gateways.
Understanding this need, businesses have also moved towards adapting this form of currency trade and thus that has given them a new horizon to capture i.e. to get new business opportunities, expanding services across the globe and to nurture a more strong customer base.

At WPExperts, we understand how important it is for the businesses to enable e-Payments to survive in the market. With our custom solution for payment integrations, we help you to flourish your business beyond any boundaries. Take a look at our payment gateway solutions below:

Credit Card Payment Gateway:

Plastic money is seriously ruling the economical era and that has actually made the banks and organizations to introduce more viable payment options i.e. holding your complete bank account in a plastic card and carrying that in your pocket. We integrate credit card merchants on your website with security and as per the standards.

eWallet Payments:

This is another form of payments which is getting popular gradually. With companies like Google introducing their e-Wallet services, it’s important now to look into this segment also. Luckily you are at WPExperts and we have done It complete ease and satisfaction Be it PayPal, Google Wallet or Skrill or any other e-Wallet, we do it all.

Tax Customization:

With payment gateways integrated on your site, one thing to care about is the taxes you have to bear on all such transactions i.e. whenever a customer pays via any such gateway, the merchant deducts a fix % of amount as service charges. Unfortunately most of the payment gateway won’t allow you to add that additional % in customer’s billed amount and that’s where we step in. We can customize the gateways such as an additional tax % is then added to the total billed amount of the customer.

Shipping Charges:

We integrate payment gateways to calculate the shipping cost in total and adjusting it to the billed amount accordingly, else you will lose more than you earn. We can enable option to calculate shipping for locations, weightage, delivery type and time.


Security is the most prior concern of a customer when paying online and that’s what you have to think else you can get into fraudulent cases or law sues, and moreover losing a loyal and potential customer. We integrate payment gateways with best practices for SSL & HTTPS protocols to make sure that your site is safe to pay at.

Paypal Payment Acceptance

To receive payments from different parts of the world, PayPal is the most convenient service that is being used by a great number of customers. Integrating a WordPress plugin to receive payments through PayPal makes it easy for the customers to process payments in just one click. By using a short-code, PayPal payment button can be embedded anywhere on your site. Payment Gateway

For safe and secure payment transactions on your eCommerce site, is a perfect payment gateway to process Credit/Debit Cards. With, no SSL or PCI is required. It is widely used because it can be easily configured and installed according to your eCommerce needs.

2Checkout Gateway

Receive payments from your international merchants and consumers via 2 Checkout. It lets them make purchases in 15 different languages and enables them to pay in 30 different currencies. To use this secure payment gateway, you don’t need to have a SSL certificate on your site. It simply takes the customer to the thank you page once the payment is verified.

MasterCard Payment Gateway

Receive payments from anyone in the world by using a range of MasterCard Payment plugins. Interswitch Webpay payment gateway,, OmniCard Lite and SimplePay WooCommerce Payment Gateway are easy to integrate and configure with your eCommerce WordPress site. They prevent from frauds and provides seamless checkout on your site.

Bitcoin Payments

Now with Bitcoin Payments, you can receive your payments in 150+ currencies. This amazing plugin let your customers buy your services and products and pay in bitcoins. Bitcoin Payment gateway converts your store currency automatically in to bitcoins with no hidden fees. It has complete bitcoin checkout process so your customers just need to click on a button to pay for their selected items.
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