WooCommerce Gamification

The gamification technique has become popular among all WooCommerce online stores due to its conversion rate of visitors into loyal customers. The eCommerce store owners add this element to their stores to increase their sales and double the revenue.

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Point management System

Manage all the point rewarding systems of your WooCommerce online store and retain visitors for a longer time by offering them awards for performing activities. WPExperts handles the Incredible discount offer services that excite visitors and convince them to become a customer.

WooCommerce Digital Rewards

WooCommerce gamification service contains three digital rewards, i.e., Points, Ranks, and Badges. Each category has specific earning criteria and goes up when a user passes a level. WPExperts also adds the spin-to-win wheel to your WooCommerce sites for gamification.

Automated Coupons generation

Create automated coupons when a user generates a particular amount of points. The users can use those coupons while purchasing a product from your eCommerce site and get a super discount offer based on the coupon limit.

Social Sharing

Share and earn rewards with WPExperts’ gamification services for WooCommerce online stores. We offer a service that enables the customers to share the WooCommerce store’s post to social media channels and earn rewards.

Referral System

Invite your friends and family to buy our products with the link you get and earn rewards and discount offers. WPExperts creates a referral network for WooCommerce store owners to provide a referral system and grab customers’ attention more towards your eCommerce store.

Partial Payment System

Once a gamification element is added to your WooCommerce store, customers will be able to use the points they earn for purchasing a product and money at the same time. WPExperts calls it a partial payment system and gamifies your WooCommerce store for upbringing the visitors to your store.


Adding enhancements to the pre-built gamification technique of your WooCommerce store with all the facilities you need to extend the gamification process. WPExperts customizes the gamification modules that turn the direction of your store towards loyal customers.

Email Notifications

Get notified and updated every time with the gamification for WooCommerce stores. WPExperts creates an environment where every individual visitor gets custom email notifications on different activities like prior days before coupon expiration, new updates, earning a reward, etc.

Premium WooCommerce Gamification Services from WPExperts