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Want more from WooCommerce? We integrate third-party software and apps utilising WooCommerce REST API to give you varied features .

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Wholesale for WooCommerce Integration

There is no need for doubling the effort when WPExperts makes it easy for you by integrating the Wholesale section for all the wholesalers of your WooCommerce online store. A simple and easy process for the e-store owners to assign specific roles to the wholesalers and manage the customers simultaneously.

CRM Integration

Manage and handle your customers’ data in one place by integrating a CRM to your WooCommerce store with WPExperts. Since there are numerous CRM tools available, so we leave taking this decision on our users which one is best to pick for their online store.

Payment Gateway integration

The sensitive step has to be taken with careful consideration, and when it comes to payment processes, people feel insecure trusting any payment method. WPExperts integrates secured and fast payment methods to your WooCommerce online store with no risk and trust issues.

Yoast SEO Integration

Do you want your WooCommerce online store on top of Google SERP and have more clicks on your products via social media channels? WPExperts integrates the remarkable YOAST SEO plugin integration with your e-store to reach the maximum audience to your website.

Gravity Forms Integration

Take complete control over your products’ fields and configure the changes in the options of your products. To do so, WPExperts offers the integration of gravity forms for your WooCommerce online store and sets up the complete process with zero error.

Social Media Integration

Nowadays, social platforms have gained the popularity of spreading businesses everywhere. WPExperts integrates social channels to the online stores as maximum as users want and goes through the whole process on its responsibility to leverage this technique.

MailChimp Integration

Drive the store conversions and increase the traffic rate with MailChimp’s integration. WPExperts does it all and optimizes the marketing strategy to every channel. Connection with MailChimp results in generating revenue for your WooCommerce online store.

API Integration

WPExperts never let you take the stress of any development complexities. Our tech geeks handle all the processes and integrate the REST API interface to your WooCommerce store for access control.

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