Formidable form

Formidable Form

Do you need absolute control over the HTML code of your form? Or do you think you need to customize the markup on your form? WPExperts is here to you covered. Our team of experts allows you to create precisely the same form you imagined. We design every detail you need, so there’s no compromise in functionality. You’re not destined to the same functionality that every other formidable form has.

WPExperts Create Anything You Can Imagine

WPExperts, customize the most scalable feature including conditional logic, computing, and file upload to build a single contact form or complex multi-page form. We believe in maximum flexibility and time-saving without forfeiting forms fundamentals. You can use drag and drop functionalities to create contacts, surveys, quiz, registration forms, payments, purchase, email marketing, or calculator forms and customize the view and graphics to display the collected data.

Spam Protection

Enable the anti-Spam perfunctory to prevent your form from junk, compile all the content in your power so that it is challenging to implement spam from automated bots to fill in your forms. Formidable comprises multiple built-in options for spam safety, together with Captcha and more.

Quick File Uploads

Provides a function of attaching files to the website’s form response for visitors, including PDF documents and images. A powerful module is used to resolve form data, specifically file upload. It is easy to customize and integrated into your website to process inbound form data and file upload.

Front End Editor

Visitors can update form submission and user-submitted tables or posts from the front end of the website. Users can easily remove and edit form submissions in a unified and simple way. Regulate user’s rights and customize the response of other users.

Multi Form Templates

Use the new-fangled template to flinch quickly. All templates cater to your specific business domain. All tables are mobile-friendly with easy customization. Our industry form template covers online forms for multipurpose including registration, pool, admission, pay the order, job application, etc.

More Powerful Calculation

Achieve your business goals with calculation form field selection and build complex forms quickly. Calculate the total payment, level test, quiz result, etc. more power to your form with auto data collections. Sign up to WPExperts and reach out to our support team for complete customization of your formidable forms.

Graphic Reports

Quickly transform data into knowledge. Charts and graphs can easily communicate intricate data trends, assessment, and relations from collected form data. Use graphics and forms to visualize your online form results to illustrate the latest trends.

Just Drag and drop

With drag and drop form builder, create interviews, registration, quizzes, and much more. Easy-to-use form Builder enables you to create a powerful form within no time – drag the desired form field and place it anywhere you want.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Mobile-friendly forms provide the ability to create a pleasant form experience for mobile users. Build a responsive format that automatically adjusts to any gadget. Formidable forms are genuinely compatible and mobile-friendly forms with delicate display functionalities on any device.
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